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Construction Chemistry

High-quality polyester resin is the perfect support material. The modern construction world demands reliable and efficient ways to ensure solid anchoring and durable repair for various support materials. Polyester resin, especially the styrene-free 300ml variant, has become a leader in the field due to its outstanding strength and versatile applications. Equally important is the plasticizing and aerated mortar mix, which is used in various construction projects. Acquire the leading polyester resin in your field, which offers several benefits. With the styrene-free 300ml variant, you not only guarantee the strongest possible anchoring but also environmental friendliness. This polyester resin is specially developed to offer durable and firm anchoring to any support materials.

Whether dealing with stone surfaces, concrete, or wooden constructions, the styrene-free polyester resin ensures long-term stability and durability. How is this beneficial? Firstly, using polyester resins helps prevent material damages and instability. With properly installed polyester resin, you ensure that your construction materials remain securely in place, enduring loads and environmental impacts. Secondly, the styrene-free formula ensures a safe and environmentally friendly anchoring solution, avoiding potential health risks and environmental damages.

The plasticized and aerated mortar mix is another essential component for all kinds of construction projects. Using this mix with cement mortars achieves several advantages. Firstly, this mixture eliminates the need to add lime, simultaneously improving the mix’s water and frost resistance. This means your constructions remain durable even in extreme weather conditions. Secondly, plasticizing the mortar mix improves workability and reduces labor needs, making the construction process more efficient and faster. How is this beneficial? The plasticized and aerated mortar mix not only increases the mix’s durability but also its workability. Aeration ensures better cooperation with other construction materials, and plasticizing the cement mix helps mix and install it better. This means your construction process will be more efficient, while simultaneously reducing necessary working hours and improving the quality of the final results.

Polyester resin and plasticized aerated mortar mix are essential solutions that ensure firm anchoring and repairing capability for any construction materials. Using these products not only guarantees durability and stability but also enhances the construction process’s efficiency and the quality of the results. Acquire these products and be confident that your construction projects will have the best possible strength and durability.





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Showing all 26 results