Tikkurila first base dispersion paint 18 l

Dispersion primer.

  • User-friendly primer
  • A low-emission option
  • Adheres excellently to galvanized surfaces as well

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For interior painting, priming and surface painting of concrete, plaster, screed, brick and cardboard surfaces as well as chipboard, plasterboard and wood fiberboard surfaces according to the instructions for use. Adheres well to galvanized surfaces.




Wall and ceiling surfaces in rooms where surfaces may be subject to high mechanical stress. For example, kitchens, business, classroom and patient rooms, stairwells and public spaces.




For absorbent surfaces 7–9 m²/l. For non-absorbent surfaces 10–12 m²/l.







spraying, brush, roller




The surface to be painted must be dry, the temperature must be at least +5 ºC and the relative humidity of the air below 80%.





Unpainted surface: Clean the surfaces of dirt and dust. If necessary, level the surfaces with Tikkurila’s Presto or Prestonit leveling agent suitable for the area and sand the dried surface. Remove sanding dust.

Previously painted surface: Wash the surfaces with diluted Tikkurila Maalipesu and rinse thoroughly with water. Sand hard, shiny paint surfaces to a dull finish and remove sanding dust. Smooth the cracks and crevices with Tikkurila’s Presto or Prestonit screed suitable for the area and sand the dried surface. Remove sanding dust.





  1. First round:Mix Ykköspohja well before use and thin with water if necessary. Apply with a roller, spray or brush 1-2 times.
  2. Maintenance painting: Surfaces painted with the first primer can be serviced with the same or similar type of water-based paint. See Surface preparation.





If necessary, approx. 1 month after surface treatment at the earliest. The surfaces are preferably cleaned as dry cleaning using a vacuum cleaner, soft brush or dust cloth. When using spot cleaning, there may be traces of cleaning on the surface, especially with dark tones. After the surface treatment, the surfaces must be handled carefully for a few weeks, as the product reaches its final hardness and durability under normal conditions after about 1 month. If the surfaces have to be cleaned soon after the surface treatment, clean the surface preferably as a dry cleaning using a vacuum cleaner, a soft brush or a dust cloth.





(cat A/g) 30g/l (2010), First base contains VOC max. 30 g/l.





Tikkurila first base dispersion paint can be tinted widely to thousands of shades, available e.g. all shades of the Symphony color chart.


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