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Yard and Garden

Garden furniture combines nature and comfort into a whole, creating the perfect environment for relaxation and enjoyment. Imagine sitting on a beautifully finished wooden sofa that is in harmony with the surrounding nature. Warm rays of the sun warm you pleasantly, while the birdsong creates a pleasant sound backdrop. You take a moment to delve deep into a book, while the fresh smell of grass stimulates your senses. Garden furniture is an essential part of this idyllic ensemble.

The next level of comfort is a modern hanging chair. Soft pillows support the body with a pleasant softness, and the gentle rocking of the hanging chair gradually takes you to the world of dreams. Your eyes close and your mind embarks on a distant journey where dreams come true.

Patio furniture offers the opportunity to escape from everyday worries and let your thoughts and dreams fly freely, but it is also an important part of hosting guests. In addition to its relaxing properties, patio furniture can turn your dinners into charming and romantic events. Whether it’s a summer barbecue with friends or a romantic dinner for two, the moments shared at the patio table become memorable memories.

Made of durable materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, rattan, plastic, or wood, this furniture can withstand various weather conditions. Whether it’s sun, rain, or wind, the furniture retains its functionality and beauty over the years. Given Estonia’s unpredictable weather, every garden should also have a proper grill house. The grill house is a great place to have fun barbecue evenings. In the grill house, mosquitoes won’t bother you, rain showers won’t harass you, and the grill master doesn’t have to spend time alone while grilling.

Garden furniture can be the heart of your home garden, creating a relaxing oasis in the outdoor space. Greenery, flowers, and the aesthetic design of the furniture create a harmonious environment where you can spend time with family, friends, or neighbors, do gardening, or simply ponder pleasant thoughts. The garden is not just a mere resting place! Greenhouses in Estonian gardens have always been at the top of the importance list. Greenhouses allow you to grow your own organic food all year round. Our selection of patio canopies not only protect from the sun but also provide protection against light rain or wind, so you can spend time outdoors in any weather.

The home is every person’s fortress, so the garden gates and the garden itself ensure a private and secure environment in your home. Garden furniture, greenhouses, canopies, gates, and the grill house – all these elements work together to create the perfect garden where you can relax, enjoy the beauty of nature, grow plants, and experience special moments with loved ones.



279 product(s)


279 product(s)