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Probiotic cleansers

Enriched with probiotic bacteria, probiotic cleaning agents are innovative products that transform the traditional home cleaning approach. These cleaners contain live probiotic microorganisms known for their beneficial properties. The popularity of using such probiotic cleaning agents has rapidly grown in recent years, as people look for effective and eco-friendly ways to keep their homes clean.

Probiotic bacteria are microscopic living organisms found in nature, typically associated with gut health. When added to cleaning agents, these bacteria go to work to establish a healthy microflora on the cleaned surface. Their action occurs in three significant stages:

Competing against pathogenic microbes: Probiotic bacteria occupy living space and nutrients on the cleaned surface, reducing the opportunity for pathogenic microbes, like disease-causing agents, to multiply and colonize.
Restoring microbial balance: Probiotic bacteria help balance the microflora by removing excess dirt and biofilms. This aids in reducing bad smells and combating mold and mildew.
Long-lasting effect: As probiotics reproduce and remain on the surface for an extended time, their impact lasts longer than traditional disinfectants. This can minimize the need for frequent cleaning.
Probiotic cleaning agents don’t just mask unpleasant odors but eliminate their sources. They break down organic materials causing odor formation, making spaces naturally fresh and clean. Furthermore, probiotic bacteria help reduce the spread of pathogenic microbes, including viruses and bacteria, on surfaces. This may lower the risk of illness and foster a healthier living environment.

Using probiotic cleaning agents reduces the need for harsh chemicals and disinfectants, which can harm the environment. These products are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Probiotic bacteria work over an extended period, maintaining cleanliness and microflora balance. This cuts back on the necessity for frequent cleaning, saving both time and effort.

Usage of Probiotic Cleaning Agents:
Using probiotic cleaners is simple and resembles the use of standard cleaning products. Choose a product based on the type of surface and its level of contamination.

Application: Use the cleaning agent like any regular one. Spray it on the surface or evenly spread it using a cloth.
Let the Probiotics Work: Do not rinse the cleaning agent off immediately. Allow the probiotic bacteria to act, typically for 5-10 minutes.
Cleaning: After the probiotics have done their job, clean the surface thoroughly with a cloth or brush. Then rinse or wipe the surface dry. If necessary, the process can be repeated, especially if the surface is heavily soiled or if you wish to maintain the effect of probiotic bacteria over a more extended period.
Using probiotic cleaning agents is a safe and effective way to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in your home or workplace. These products combine natural microbial balance restoration with an eco-friendly approach, offering several advantages over traditional cleaners. Thanks to their ability to remove unpleasant odors, reduce risks of illness, and provide cleanliness, probiotic cleaning agents are becoming an increasingly popular choice as awareness grows regarding environmental and health issues.


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Showing all 21 results