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Precision – Honesty

Precision and honesty are the foundations of our company, to which Factory Sale dedicates its entire team. We don’t limit ourselves to empty words, but actions follow our words. Time is important to us all, therefore our customers appreciate us for our fast and comprehensive service. Our team has developed solutions for precisely meeting customer needs, so we are able to provide exactly the product or service that the customer really needs. Our deep awareness of our core values and the maximization of artificial intelligence enable us to collect data, ask better questions, and stay two steps ahead of customer desires – the result is the ability to offer tailor-made solutions that exactly match the individual preferences, needs, and demands of customers. Measurable goals are our tool to maintain precision and honesty, so we can exceed customer expectations. Honesty without precision is like an empty promise. Honest communication with customers, open problem solving, and fulfilling promises create a strong foundation for trust, which has brought us invaluable long-term business relationships.

Precision and honesty are in the DNA of our company. Quick response times, tailor-made solutions, measurable goals, and trust-building – have brought peace of mind to our customers and gratitude to us.

Diverse Service Selection

Our company’s range of services is diverse, offering our partners all possible solutions to meet various construction needs. We have direct relations with numerous factories around the world, so all the world`s great offers are in the palm of your hand. Just say the word and we will find a unique solution according to your wishes and needs.

We employ professionals in their field who communicate with the factories, being detailed in their work, ensuring the right service and product for the customer. We continuously monitor the factories’ operations and production processes, and we work closely together to get high-quality goods and reliable service. Our precision and dedication ensure peace of mind for our customers, knowing that they will get exactly what they need, thus eliminating any hassle with wrong goods.

Best Price Guarantee

In today’s world, our mission is to offer customers not only the best quality but also to ensure the best possible price – this means our best price guarantee. Customers can feel confident that our services and products are always at the best possible price. The best price guarantee has allowed us to maintain our position in the market and strengthen our reputation as a reliable service provider.

The best price guarantee is part of our commitment to provide quality services that are affordable and meet the wishes of customers. Our mission is to offer the best possible price-quality ratio, because our partners are important to us – if they are successful, so are we!


Have you ever wished to experience something more than just transactions in business? Factory Sale believes that a personal experience is extremely important. Partnership is more than just sales, it is rather a long-term, two-way collaboration. Our approach to communicating with customers is focused on continuous growth and development together – always being proactive and active when communicating with partners. Factory Sale aims to actively involve customers in its processes and encourage them to share their needs, feedback, and ideas.

Such cooperation and mutual development form a strong foundation for a reliable and enduring business relationship. Our desire is to be not just a provider of products or services to our customers, but also a trusted partner who helps them achieve their goals and grow with them. Being aware of our products and services, we are open to sharing our core values with all our current and future partners.


What does creativity mean to us? Have you ever thought about how technological solutions can be truly creative and surprising?

Design thinking is a powerful tool that helps create innovative solutions. Understanding the user has helped us create truly effective solutions – we have designed our website focusing on user needs and desires.

Using creative problem-solving methods, we have laid the foundation for a platform where professionals from different corners of the world come together.

Presence and self-awareness have brought us to the present day, where something big and unprecedented is growing. Factory Sale has become not only a haven for discounted offers, but also an inspiring meeting place where people can discover new ideas, find new partners, and enjoy a unique and memorable shopping experience. The charm of Factory Sale lies in that it combines creativity, technology, and discounted offers from around the world.

Our ambition for the future is to become a technologically advanced all-in-one platform that can precisely understand customer needs and create personalized shopping experiences that exceed expectations.

Innovative technological solutions enable Factory Sale to collect and analyze massive amounts of data, opening doors to more accurate understanding of customer preferences and consumption habits.

To achieve smooth business communication with factories, we plan to implement smart contract management platforms, which allow for quick and efficient contract conclusion and execution.

Factory Sale wants to create an open and transparent environment where customers can directly communicate with factories, express their wishes, and monitor the progress of the production process, ensuring a reliable and satisfying business experience. To do this, we plan to use virtual reality and augmented reality, creating a virtual environment where customers can see and adjust products, and receive real-time feedback from factories, contributing to more accurate and faster decision-making processes. The use of artificial intelligence allows for personalized recommendations based on thorough data analysis, to highlight unique offers that meet the customer’s individual preferences and needs.

We see ourselves in the future as a hub where technology and business converge, creating new opportunities for customers, factories, and raising supply chain efficiency and innovation to a new level.