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Izovati insulation wool, an effective sound and thermal insulation material. Sound and thermal insulation in frame structures is an important aspect of building construction, especially when the insulation board lacks external influence. Izovati insulation wool is the best choice for achieving effective soundproofing and insulation in partition walls and other structures. Using insulation wool, one can best accommodate the peculiarities of the structure and ensure that sound insulation and thermal insulation meet the requirements of regional normative documents. The use of insulation wool in building envelopes is important for several reasons.

Firstly, building envelopes must meet requirements for thermal resistance, air permeability, heat resistance, and temperature-humidity regime. This includes preventing the accumulation and condensation of moisture to maintain the quality of the building’s indoor climate. Before starting insulation installation, several preparatory works need to be completed to ensure the optimal functioning of the insulation. This includes the following steps:

All building installation and bricklaying work must be completed.
Installation of windows and doors and sealing of joints to the building’s exterior walls are essential to prevent thermal losses and sound transmission.
Waterproofing of terraces and balconies must be organized to prevent moisture ingress into the building.
Before installing insulation materials, the technical conditions of the building’s exterior boundaries must be carefully checked to ensure they meet construction requirements.
The surface of building structures should be cleaned and leveled, and if necessary, a vapor barrier installed to prevent moisture penetration into the insulation material.
During the installation process, certain steps are important to follow. Insulation should be placed on the building’s exterior walls according to the project. The cross-connections of each subsequent layer should be staggered relative to the previously formed layer, forming quick changes of 0.3–0.5 of the board’s length. Boards should be pressed tightly against each other to ensure effective insulation – gaps are not acceptable. Installed insulation boards must be protected from moisture to maintain their insulating ability, whether it’s from ground contact or air humidity.

Izovati insulation wool is an effective and reliable choice for sound and thermal insulation in frame structures. Whether it’s for partition walls or other structures, Izovati insulation wool helps achieve the desired soundproofing and insulation, meeting the highest standards. Invest in quality and choose Izovati insulation wool to ensure the best possible insulation for your building.


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