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Reliable Partner

Factory.Sale has joined the Vastuu Group OY reliable partner program. Joining the Reliable partner program (Luotettava Kumppani) is our guarantee to both partners and customers that we offer high-quality products and reliable service.

Our accuracy, commitment, and transparency ensure peace of mind for customers, knowing they will get exactly what they need, thus eliminating any hassle with incorrect goods. Joining the reliable partner (Luotettava Kumppani) program is a sign that we fulfill the societal obligations arising from the contractor´s liability law.

What is the Contractor’s Liability Law?

The Contractor’s Liability Act (22.12.2006/1233) requires the contractor to verify whether its contracting partners fulfill their obligations as contract parties and employers under the law. The law aims to prevent shadow economy activities and promote fair competition among companies and the provision of proper working conditions. The Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency oversees compliance with this law.

Read more: Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency – https://www.vastuugroup.fi/fi-fi/tilaajavastuulaki

The benefits of the reliable partner (Luotettava Kumppani) service for Factory.Sale include:

  • access to documents required by the contractor’s liability law is available at https://www.vastuugroup.fi;
  • all our customers can obtain the company’s Reliable Partner e-report, which is valid over time;
  • the Reliable Partner logo on our website guarantees to the contractor that our company fulfills the societal obligations arising from the contractor’s liability law.
    the Reliable Partner report includes the following explanations:
  • explanation of registration in the pre-registration, VAT, and employers’ registries;
    business registry extract;
  • certificate of paid taxes;
  • certificate of the existence of pension insurance and the payment of pension insurance contributions;
  • certificate of the applicable collective agreement;
  • certificate of valid accident insurance;
  • business prohibitions;

Explanation of the organization of occupational health services.

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