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You have discovered a true gem in the sauna world, as Löyly’s first electric heater, Loitsu, has transformed the traditional sauna experience into something completely new and unprecedented. If you want to enjoy moments in the sauna that satisfy both your visual and steam preferences, Loitsu is designed just for you. Regardless of whether it’s an electric or wood-fired heater, a steam sauna or a dry sauna, one thing is certain – the sauna heals you. Firstly, visiting a sauna helps relax muscles and reduce stress, which in turn can help improve overall mental well-being. In addition to heat and steam, the sauna helps increase circulation, which can improve the transport of oxygen and nutrients in the body and promote faster recovery from injuries or exercise. The unique aim of this sauna heater is to exceed all expectations, both in terms of appearance and steam quality. The creators of Loitsu have done everything to achieve harmony between aesthetics and functionality, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious sauna experience.

One of the features of Loitsu is its large stone mass and high-quality resistors, which are made by the Finnish company Meyer. Thanks to this, Loitsu’s steam has reached a level comparable to traditional wood-fired heaters. You no longer have to choose between a wood-fired heater and an electric heater, as Loitsu offers you the best of both worlds. Löyly believes that quality is always of utmost importance, and that’s why all Loitsu sauna heaters are designed and manufactured in Finland from high-quality materials. Loitsu heaters always have a strong focus on quality, and their mission is to offer the best sauna enjoyment for the most demanding sauna enthusiasts. The irresistible design and installation of the heater are intended to ensure optimal placement of the stones and efficient heating. This means that the resistors do not overheat but efficiently heat the stones of the heater, which in turn increases durability and creates a great steam experience. You don’t have to worry about maintaining the heater, as Loitsu is designed to last and provide you with pleasant sauna moments for many years. Loitsu is also an extremely safe choice for your sauna experience. Thanks to the smart design of the outer shell, Loitsu can keep the outer surface temperature of the heater under control even at higher sauna temperatures. Fresh air can enter through the fresh air intake net, which helps effectively cool the surface of the heater, making Loitsu a particularly safe choice, especially for families with children. Löyly’s Loitsu is not just a heater, but a sensation in the sauna world that combines top-level design and an unparalleled steam experience. Choose Loitsu and enjoy the sauna in a new light!



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Showing all 2 results