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Professional cleaning

Professional cleaning and maintenance products are specially developed products intended for cleaning and maintaining various surfaces. These products are primarily designed to ensure an efficient and high-quality cleaning result, especially in environments that demand high hygiene standards and professional care. It’s essential to note that professional cleaning and maintenance products are intended only for specialists in the field; it is not recommended to use them at home without thorough training.


Cleaning agents encompass various liquids and powders meant for cleaning different surfaces like glass, metal, plastic, stone, and wood. Each surface requires a specific cleaning product to ensure the best results. Disinfectants are designed to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other microbes and are often used in medical institutions, the food industry, and other places where hygiene is paramount.

Maintenance products are intended to preserve surfaces after cleaning. For example, wood oils, furniture waxes, metal cleaners, and glass cleaning products help maintain and extend the lifespan of surfaces while preserving their appearance. Specific cleaning tasks might require special products, like rust removers, strong stain removers, anti-mold agents, and many more.

Before using professional cleaning and maintenance products, the surface must be thoroughly prepared. Remove larger debris and dirt, and ensure the surface is dry. Choose the appropriate cleaning or maintenance product according to the surface and the goal. Each product is designed for a specific purpose, so always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply the product to the surface as per the guidelines. Then, use the appropriate application method for the cleaning agent, such as a cloth, sponge, sprayer, or another suitable tool. Clean the surface meticulously, scrubbing or rubbing dirty areas if necessary. Ensure the product covers the entire area being cleaned. In some cases, it might be necessary to rinse the surface with clean water or use a damp cloth to remove residues. If using a maintenance product, follow the instructions post-cleaning to ensure the surface receives the proper care.

Evaluation of the Result: Finally, assess the cleaning outcome, ensuring the surface is clean and in the desired condition. Professional cleaning and maintenance products play a vital role in daily cleaning tasks in both homes and businesses. They help maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and the durability of surfaces while guaranteeing a professional and high-quality final result.



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Showing 1–28 of 47 results