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Sauna accessories

Elevate your sauna experience. Enhance your sauna time with our ultimate collection of sauna accessories, designed for both electric and wood-burning heaters! Whether you wish to add comfort, functionality, or a touch of luxury, our carefully curated selection has everything you need to make your sauna visit truly unforgettable.

Safety Railings: Add safety railings to your sauna that ensure safety and comfort during your sauna session. These railings help prevent potential injuries and provide extra support for sauna users.

Clamping Brackets: Clamping brackets are essential sauna accessories that help keep sauna boards and benches securely in place. This ensures a more stable seating experience and helps prevent them from slipping.

Heat Reflectors: These distribute heat evenly in the sauna room, ensuring that the entire space is heated uniformly. This enhances the overall quality and efficiency of the sauna experience.

Air Channels: Air channels improve air circulation within the sauna, helping to keep the room fresh and comfortable. This is a vital element for ensuring the well-being and relaxation of the sauna room.

Enhancing the sauna room and creating an unforgettable sauna experience doesn’t just stop with safety railings, clamping brackets, protective heat beds, heat reflectors, and air channels. Here are a few more accessories that can elevate your sauna session even further:

Firstly, the stone holder for the heater. Heater stones are an integral part of the sauna ritual, helping to generate the right steam and humidity levels. A stone holder keeps these stones securely and safely above the heater, ensuring they don’t slip or damage the heater.

Secondly, the importance of a chimney net cannot be overlooked. The chimney net helps keep the heater’s chimney clean, preventing the accumulation of soot and sauna smoke. This ensures good airflow and contributes to a smooth sauna experience.

A sauna is a place where we relax and rejuvenate, and choosing the right accessories can make this experience even more enjoyable and comfortable. Don’t settle for an ordinary sauna session. Elevate your sauna experience to a new level with our premium collection of sauna accessories today! Add safety railings, clamping brackets, protective heat beds, heat reflectors, and air channels to your sauna, and transform your sauna room into an unforgettable space for relaxation and recovery. Sauna accessories not only make your sauna visit more comfortable but also offer practical benefits and overall enhance your sauna experience.



48 product(s)


48 product(s)