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HUUM electric heaters are distinguished by their large amount of stones, providing a gentle and abundant steam. The Nordic pure design of the heaters emphasizes the natural beauty of the stones and has won several awards. Here are two good examples of HUUM electric heaters. The favorite among clients, HUUM DROP electric heater, is inspired by the purest element of nature, the water drop. Awarded the prestigious Red Dot 2015 design award, the heater is distinguished by its curved forms, which soften the sauna interior and add elegance to the steam room. Besides its good looks, the DROP heater has other outstanding features.

The compact wall-mounted heater can hold up to 55 kg of stones, surpassing most wood-burning heaters, and ensures a gentle and long-lasting steam. Stainless steel details ensure the heater’s durability and long life. DROP is a stylish and capable electric heater that offers an enjoyable sauna experience and is a stylish eye-catcher in any steam room.

HUUM wood-fired heaters’ advanced firebox construction makes wood burning efficient and environmentally friendly. The CLIFF electric heater’s design, emphasizing the heater stones, is inspired by Nordic coastal cliffs. In addition to its eye-catching appearance, the CLIFF heater is distinguished by its efficient and environmentally friendly construction. The heater’s body is made from stainless steel sheet cutouts that occur during the production of the STEEL electric heater. Thus, no metal waste is produced, and all material is fully utilized. Small safety distances and a slender form make the CLIFF heater suitable for smaller sauna rooms. An internal air tunnel accelerates heating by 25% and extends the life of the heating elements. Thanks to its large amount of stones, the CLIFF heater provides a gentle and long-lasting steam, ensuring a relaxing sauna experience. The heater has won the RedDot Award 2021 for product design.

HIVE Heat wood heater ensures more economical wood usage and exceptionally clean burning due to its innovative firebox, making it a good choice for those who value an environmentally conscious mindset and appreciate the traditional sauna experience. The unique firebox design directs fresh air from above into the combustion process to create a powerful flame. This ensures complete combustion of wood and even wood gases, which would otherwise exit through the chimney in less efficient sauna stoves. This maximizes the heating value of the wood and also keeps the surrounding nature and the air we breathe clean. The heater’s durable door is made of cast iron, and the heater is treated only with natural oils. HIVE Heat wood heater meets one of the world’s strictest environmental standards for wood-burning stoves, the German BimSchV II. HIVE Wood wood heater is a solid and stylish choice if you value the simplicity of a traditional sauna or if there is no electrical connection in the steam room. Its Nordic calm design highlights the natural beauty of the stones. In essence, HIVE Wood is both efficient and durable. A large amount of heater stones ensures long-lasting and gentle steam. The flame in the firebox is powerful and burning is efficient. The flame cutter in the firebox, which is subjected to the harshest heat, is made of 5 mm thick stainless steel and is exceptionally durable. A heat exchanger can be installed under the stones for heating sauna water. The live fire and crackling of wood in the firebox create a cozy atmosphere and help you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life


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Showing 1–28 of 34 results