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Greenhouses 13-24 m2

Polycarbonate greenhouses are excellent helpers for the gardener who wishes to protect their plants and vegetables from changing weather conditions and create optimal conditions for their growth and development. Our greenhouses are from Lithuania and offer quality and durability, making them a preferred choice for gardeners and plant growers. Greenhouses are indispensable all year round, especially in areas where the weather can be unpredictable. A greenhouse with a polycarbonate roof can provide plants with the necessary protection from sudden temperature changes, wind, and excessive sunlight. Within the greenhouse, you can establish an optimal humidity and temperature level, promoting healthy plant growth and enhancing the quality and quantity of the yield.

One of the key elements of our greenhouses is the galvanized steel profile. This makes the greenhouse a very robust and stable structure, able to withstand various weather conditions. Galvanized steel does not rust and retains its strength over the years, ensuring a long lifespan and ease of use for the greenhouse. Stability of the greenhouse is particularly important in areas where strong winds can pose a challenge. Our polycarbonate greenhouses are versatile and suitable for both amateur and professional gardeners. They allow you to grow a variety of plants, whether it be tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, or herbs, all year round. They are an excellent choice for those who desire practicality combined with visual beauty in their garden or farm. In addition to our polycarbonate greenhouses being durable and functional, we also offer them at affordable prices. Our goal is to make high-quality greenhouses accessible to everyone who wishes to invest in their gardening or plant-growing hobby. An affordable price does not, however, mean a compromise in quality – our products remain durable and trustworthy.
Greenhouses are practical and beneficial investments for every gardener. They allow you to expand your growing space and yield more produce. The advantages of greenhouses are clear, especially if you live in an area where the weather conditions can be unstable. Using our polycarbonate greenhouses from Lithuania, combined with a galvanized steel profile, you can ensure the successful growth of your plants and a delightful yield. Purchasing a greenhouse is an investment in the future that will pay off many times over the years. Whether your goal is growing tomatoes in your home garden or professional plant cultivation, our greenhouses are the right choice for you. Come and explore our wide range of products and find the greenhouse solution that meets all your needs and budget.



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Showing all 13 results