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Experience the Finnish sauna with Helo sauna heaters. The sauna brand Helo was founded in 1919. At a time when all saunas were wood-fired, sooty, and smoky contraptions, engineer/inventor Oskar Vikström assembled the first prototype of an electric heater. He may not have been aware of the future impact his invention would have on sauna culture, but it was not until the early 1950s that the electric heater was patented as such. The new ability to enjoy a sauna simply by pressing a switch, without the need to light a fire and endure smoke and soot, meant more than a small revolution in a country where sauna culture is embedded in the nation’s genetics. Suddenly, it was possible to install saunas everywhere. There was no need to gather wood or breathe in smoke. Unlike public facilities, every man, woman, and child could enjoy a relaxing sauna in the privacy of their own home. From the 1960s onwards, electric saunas were increasingly installed in private homes, whether in an apartment in a multi-storey building or in a single-family home.

Helo played a significant role in developing the market. With smart solutions and the general public’s love for saunas, Helo was committed to thoroughly enhancing the sauna experience. A new era for Helo began in the early 1980s, when an ultra-insulated and heat-retaining stone chamber was introduced to the market. The technology was named EverReady. Before the introduction of Helo’s smart EverReady sauna technology, using a sauna meant turning on the heater and waiting for the sauna room to warm up to an adequate temperature, a waiting time that could prove unbearable on a cold winter day! A more luxurious version involved programming a rudimentary timer to start the sauna at a certain time, which in turn meant you had to adjust your daily schedule around the sauna. The new generation electric heater technology, with its ultra-insulated stone chamber core, was also a Helo patent and meant that the heater remained constantly hot, always ready for use, while keeping heat at a very low energy consumption level. The new sauna heater was built on simple technology; lift the lid of the heated stone chamber and you immediately get radiant warmth and a sauna that is ready for use in an instant. Saunatonttu, the name of this revolutionary sauna heater, remains a popular choice, and its iconic round shape seems as modern today as it nearly 40 years ago when it was first introduced to the market. Helo saunas have been used in various situations, some more conventional, others certainly more extraordinary, confirming the Finnish stance that sauna can and should be enjoyed everywhere. Besides the use of conventional mobile sauna solutions, Helo literally reached new heights in 2008 when the Finnish ski resort Ylläs wanted to make the long ascents up the mountain side a bit more exciting. True to the Finns’ love for the sauna, Helo was asked to create a fully functional sauna room in a regular ski lift, complete with heater and everything. The lift can now be rented to enjoy the sauna while admiring the beautiful and unobstructed view of the surrounding winter landscape from a high vantage point. This is a direct way to interpret that the sky is the limit. Even for Helo.


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Showing 1–28 of 58 results