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What Do We Do?

We offer wide range of construction products and services, including:

  • Insulation
  • Profiling
  • Facades
  • Roofs
  • Floors
  • Windows
  • and much more! (check out the ‘Categories’ menu on our website!)

All of these have been built with care, precision, and expertise, with the primary intention of lasting a lifetime.

To us, there is nothing worse than construction companies who sell cheap, shoddy products that inevitably break within mere months of their installation!

And – aside from stocking these first-rate products – we provide faultless, hassle-free installation services, which will leave you marvelling at our efficiency!

Why Do We Do It?

Our mission is to provide a reliable partner in Scandinavia and the Baltics, where architects, builders, constructors, and homeowners dare to think big, use a great deal of imagination, and invest in the future. Our values are simplicity, speed, and creativity. Our goal is to offer a supportive team to all our customers.

We want to offer our customers quality products and services, from design to installation. We work with reliable partners and specialists in their fields. For the best quality, we sell and represent only high-quality products and brands.

We value and appreciate our clients, using sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. We offer flexible and high-quality sales service, design and work management, from the idea and planning stage to the completion of the project.

Our goal is to achieve the satisfaction of subscribers and builders as well as to be proud of every object we have created. We want to be a creative partner with unique ideas, designs, and innovative solutions, recommended as a lasting partner.

Why Us?

We get it; there are loads of other construction companies you could choose.

But will they go that extra mile for you?

Will they give you project analysis and design layouts free of charge?

Will they cater to your every need, wish and idea?

All of our industry specialists have multiple years of experience, and we ensure they understand the one simple principle often forgotten by construction companies: we’re working on your home, and we want to treat it with the upmost respect it deserves!

We won’t leave mess lying around, and we won’t be lodged in your backyard for months on end.

One of our core values is speed, and we apply it to both installation AND delivery.

Our second core value is simplicity: we won’t needlessly overcomplicate procedures by using ridiculously technical terms, but will instead explain EVERYTHING to you in a logical, comprehendible way.

Our third core value is creativity: we pride ourselves on innovative ideas and designs, which will ALWAYS be tailored to what you want.

We won’t cut corners just to save a few bucks; we actually choose a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach, not because it’s a requirement in our industry, but because we care about the impact Factory.Sale has on the world.

We don’t just want your money; we want to build a friendship for life, so that you keep coming back to us because our service is truly that good.

Does that sound like something you can get on board with?

If so, feel free to contact us at order@factory.sale and let’s embark on our transformative design process, right now, together!