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Clinex W3 Bacti, 5l

Liquid with disinfection properties in terms of bactericidal and fungicidal. Designed for washing surfaces, rooms and sanitary facilities. This product is intended for use in private, public, medical and industrial areas. Also recommended for food contact surfaces.

Biocidal product authorization number: 6503/16 from 03/02/2016

Available packaging:

77-700 canister 5L



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Disinfecting agent that kills bacteria and fungi. It is
intended for cleaning sanitary surfaces, rooms, and
equipment both in private and public places, except for
medical and industrial facilities. It is also recommended for
surfaces having contact with food. Active substance: 2.5 g
of glycolic acid/100g.


For disinfection purposes, apply the agent onto the
disinfected surface and leave it for 5 minutes in case
of bactericidal effect – product concentration 100%,
and for 15 minutes in case of fungicidal effect – product
concentration 100%. Then, rinse off with water
of quality similar to the quality of water intended for
human consumption. Rooms in which surfaces have been
disinfected do not need to be ventilated.

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