Clinex Glass Profit, 5l

Efficient and reliable super concentrate for cleaning windows, mirrors, crystals, enamel, and laminated surfaces, as well as stainless steel. Removes even ingrained dirt, grease, and insects. Top-quality of the product guarantees immaculately clean windows, free from streaks.

Antistatic properties act as dust repellant.

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Effective and reliable super concentrate for cleaning
glass, mirrors, crystal, enamel, and laminate surfaces
as well as stainless steel elements. It effectively
removes even the most stubborn, dried dirt and grease
and even insects. The high quality guarantees crystal-
-clear, shiny glass without streaks or damp patches.
It has been enriched with anti-static agents. This
product protects surfaces against quick accumulation of


Super concentrate for cleaning glass, laminate, enamel, and
stainless steel surfaces. It spreads easily and dries quickly
without leaving any streaks.


0.5-2% (50-200ml of the agent per 10 l of water)


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