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Kiilto Sanita neutral cleaner, 5l

Special features

  • Neutral
  • Scented with rowanberry
  • Effectively removes greasy dirt
  • Used regularly, it prevents limescale deposits from adhering to surfaces
  • The Nordic Ecolabel

36.44not inc. VAT

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For maintenance cleaning of toilet facilities.

Product properties

Kiilto Sanita is a neutral cleaner with a rowanberry scent. Effectively removes greasy dirt. Prevents
attachment of calcium deposits on the surfaces when used regularly. Kiilto Sanita has been awarded
the Nordic Ecolabel.

Instructions for use

Maintenance cleaning: 2–4 ml / 1 l of water.
We recommend alkaline cleaner, Kiilto Kosti, for basic cleaning of wet spaces.


Non-ionic surfactants 5-15 %
Anionic surfactants < 5 %

Product pH

7.5 neutral

Solution pH

7.5 neutral


Store in warm place.

Appearance and scent

Coloured, scented liquid.

Country of manufacture


User and environmental safety
Avoid unnecessary contact with the skin. Protective gloves are recommended in continuous use. In case of
contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, and seek medical advice if needed. For safety
datasheet please see in downloads


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