Clinex Grill, 1l

Very strong agent intended for automatic cleaning of cooked-on forms of dirt and grease from all types of surfaces and alkali-resistant objects. Dissolves even the most stubborn food remnants.


  • 77-071 – 1 L.
  • 77-023 – 5 liters

How to use:

Recommended for cleaning grills, oven interiors, spit-roasters, frying pans, smokers, etc. Does not damage enamel surfaces. It can be used with ‘active foam’ technology. Do not use on surfaces that are not resistant to alkalis.



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Very strong agent for the automatic removal of burnt-on
fat and smoke. It perfectly removes burnt-on grease and
dirt from all types of alkali-resistant surfaces and objects.
It perfectly dissolves and removes even the most burnt-on
food remnants.


Product for professional use. Agent intended for effective
cleaning of grills, ovens, barbecues, grates, hot plates,
gas cookers, frying pans, smoke chambers, etc.
It does not cause damage to enamel surfaces. It can be
used in the “active foam” technology.


Always use on cold ovens and grates. Shake before use.
Apply the undiluted product evenly onto the surface. Wait
about 1 minute until the dissolution of dirt and then rinse
the surface thoroughly with water. After the use, dry the
spray nozzle with a paper towel.





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