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Clinex Fast Gast, 5l

Ready-to-use agent for removing all types of grease and oil stains. With the ability to emulsify fat, dissolves strong and stubborn oil-fatty dirt, food scraps, burnt leftovers while leaving no streaks on cleaned surfaces. Applications of sprayer makes the agent is simple to use while ensuring precision dosing and getting to hard –to- reach places. It has a pleasant, fresh scent.

Hot to use:

To wash water-resistant surfaces in catering, the manufacturing industry exposed to fatty deposits. The product is recommended for cleaning all types of hard surfaces, in kitchen and gastronomy, and the surface of the food industry: kitchen hoods, countertops, tables, floors, and walls.

Method of Use: Shake before use. Apply the product directly into the surface to be cleaned, wait a moment, and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Repeat if necessary. Note: surfaces that come into contact with food should be rinsed with large amounts of water after cleaning.

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Ready-to-use product for removing all types of grease,
oil, and dirt. Thanks to its grease emulsifying properties, it
dissolves tough and stubborn oil and grease stains as well
as burnt-on food scraps without leaving any streaks or
stains on the surface. The application of the atomizer makes
it easy to use the product and ensures that the dosing system
is precise and can reach hard-to-access places. It has a pleasant
fresh scent.


For cleaning water-resistant surfaces in the catering and food
processing industry which is exposed to oily deposits.
Product recommended for all types of hard surfaces in the
kitchen and in the catering industry as well as surfaces in the
food industry: ventilation hoods, countertops, tables, floors and
walls, ovens, and stoves


Shake before use. Apply the agent directly onto the surface, wait
a moment, and polish the surface with a clean cloth. Repeat the
procedure if necessary.


after cleaning surfaces having contact with food, rinse
them with water.



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