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Heater stones

The stones are durable and have a high heat capacity.

Round stones also offer a milder steam.

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We recommend using round stones in HUUM heaters, which complement the design of the heater and offer milder steam.

The product range includes round olivine diabase stones in two different size ranges: 3-5 cm and 5-10 cm.

The stones are durable and have a high heat capacity. Other stones can be used in HUUM coils, except for decorative stones, as they can break easily.


Olivine base

  • diameter 3-5 cm – 15 kg box, EAN 4744103018017
  • diameter 5-10 cm – 15 kg box, EAN 4744103018024



Choose your stones wisely!

The heat and steam of the sauna can be adjusted by throwing water on the hot stones. The shape, size, composition and arrangement of the stones therefore have a very strong influence on the steam. We recommend using round stones in the heater, because they offer milder steam. Thanks to the rounded shape of the stones, the water can move between the layers of stones and gradually evaporate, instead of evaporating all at once from the top layer. Since the stones are very visible in the HUUM coils, both small and large stones are needed so that there are no noticeable large gaps between the stones. In addition, we recommend placing smaller stones tightly in the top layer so that more heat accumulates there.


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