Electric heater HUUM HIVE 18kW

Electric heater HUUM HIVE 18kW is an elegant solution for medium and larger (18-35 m³) saunas. Perfect for home saunas, spas and sports clubs.

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The beautifully designed HUUM HIVE 18kW electric heater, made of high-quality stainless steel in Estonia, can hold just 270 kilograms of stones, which ensures long-lasting and pleasant steam even for a larger group.

Since minimal metal is used in the heater, most of the heat comes from the stones. Thanks to this, the proportion of healthy negative ions in the air is higher and the proportion of positive ions is minimal. However, this is one of the secrets of healing steam.

If you want to partially install the HUUM HIVE 18kW electric heater inside the sauna stage, it is possible to order an immersion collar as an additional accessory to achieve a more beautiful look. In turn, the visual appearance and safety are helped by the specially made protective fence for this heater, which is also available as an accessory.



The set includes an electric heater and adjustable legs (they raise the heater up to 7 cm).

The heater also needs a control panel, 270 kilograms of stones with a diameter of 5-10 cm and a heat-resistant power cable.



Together with the heater, it is possible to add to the cart the round olivine-based heater stones designed specifically for HUUM heaters, which are durable, have a high heat capacity and look visually beautiful, as you can see in the pictures. We recommend using such round stones in the heater because they provide milder steam. Thanks to the rounded shape of the heater stones, the water moves between the stone layers and can evaporate gradually, instead of evaporating from the top layer all at once.



Technical specifications:

  • WEIGHT : 22 kg
  • HEIGHT: 75 cm
  • DIAMETER: 56 cm
  • HEATED ROOM: 18-35 m³
  • POWER: 18 kW
  • WARRANTY: 5 years
  • EAN 4744103011186



Electric heater safety distances:

  • A 180 mm
  • B 920 mm





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