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Oaassauna module

A single-room sauna with a hot tub and terrace.


The price includes installation.

9,328.80not inc. VAT

Pay later, in 3 parts – 0% interest, 0€ extra fees.

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A single-room sauna with a hot tub and terrace.

A sauna together with a hot tub is the ideal choice. Thanks to modular design, you can place the product according to your own discretion; there are many possibilities.

The measurement of one module is 2200 x 2200 x 2300, the terrace module 2200 x 2200 x 130.

The sauna is single-room, accommodating up to 5 people in the steam room.

The hot tub fits up to 6 people, its 30kw stove is integrated into the shell, and as a result, the water heats up very quickly.

The sauna’s walls and ceiling are insulated and equipped with an Estonian design heater named HUUM.

There is lighting both inside and outside.

The hot tub features color-changing LED light and a thermal cover.

It’s possible to also install a bubble system and nano insulation to further reduce heating time.

The hot tub comes with a canopy, whose roof is transparent (essentially unbreakable material, with UV protection).

All products can be purchased separately.

Buying the set (sauna, hot tub with a canopy, terrace) is more economical.


PS! We also take into account special requests from clients.

PS! The product has been issued a design registration certificate No: 007878251-0 by the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


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