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Sauna Log House 5 120mm Square Logs 2.5 X 5M

This sauna is an optimal option for those who want to have a cozy sauna, which would not occupy much space in your yard. This sauna will not only delight you but also your family members.

Like all our log cabins this is manufactured from Spruce, chosen for the properties that lend themselves to a superior log cabin built over pine.

Perfect when you want to escape from all the stress and just relax, without even needing to leave your garden.

Original price was: €8,900.00.Current price is: €7,020.00. not inc. VAT


This cabin can be ordered in different log thickness.

120mm log kit for walls – 18pcs with cnc prep.
Main beam: 120x200x6000 mm
T shaped planking for windows and doors preperation
Insulation wool between logs
C24 joists with closing boards 45x145x6000 mm 10pcs and CNC prep.
Spec. holders for joists
Joists closings
Bolts and washers



Price does not include sauna stove or chimney. Those can be found under sauna heaters section.

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