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Yrre Cottage Toilet and Shower (6m)

In case of Yrre sauna we consider the quality and compliance of the product to be very important. The transportable modular sauna has been designed for great sauna experience. Ventilation, water, high-quality materials, insulation, great views, light structure – these qualities are important. In addition, good design and compatibility with nature everywhere.


Original price was: €44,000.00.Current price is: €39,000.00. not inc. VAT


YRRE 6 m sauna house is a solution with a laundry room and a toilet, where it is possible to divide the floor space to suit yourself, either with one entrance or two rooms. Just as other YRRE models, this sauna is available with wood as well as electric heater solution. The building is made on the structure of glued laminated timber and can be transported ready-made.

The building is delivered to you in a fully finished form and with all stationary inventory.


Possible to buy extras (prices are not icl.VAT):

  • Thermally modified wood for Benches, for all bench shapes (700 eur)
  • “L” shape bench ( instead of “I” shape) (175 eur)
  • Kinnine lava (closed bench as a stage for entire web) (950 eur)
  • Interior and exterior
  • Thermally modified aspen, inside fassaade (550 eur)
  • special paint for outside facade, requires client RAL code (800 eur)
  • Wood burnt sauna solution instead of electric heater (Hive Wood Mini) (700 eur)
  • Wood burnt sauna solution instead of electric heater (Hive Heat 12) (1050 eur)
  • Threw the wall HEAT 12 solution (for Mini, Mini(shower) and Cottage(shower) (1500 eur)
  • UKU Glass Display panel instead of UKU Black plastic (for electric heaters) (150 eur)
  • Electric heated floor (fix price for all models) (DEVI) (850 eur)
  • Awning for the main door (ready piece, can be installed after transport) (400 eur)
  • Yrre Mini extra: Glass middle wall, instead of wooden wall (heater upgrade to 10,5kw instead of 9kw) (450 eur)
  • Heater change from Hive Mini – > Cliff/Steel (300 eur)



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