Park bench "Stradivarius 1"

Urban furniture with a modern design makes walks more pleasant and offers an opportunity to pass the time for a while.
A high-quality bench says that it is safe to open a book with your favorite characters or enjoy the nice weather here.

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  • A modern and at the same time classic park bench.
  • The extremely durable steel on which the bench rests ensures durability.
  • A wooden seat with a frame of two rectangular sections.
  • Thanks to this, the ST1 park bench is easy to maintain.
  • As a result, we get a product that will serve us for years!

Additional information:

  • Bench length: 170 cm
  • Bench width: 36 cm
  • Bench height: 42 cm
  • Seat length: 170 cm
  • Seat width: 36 cm
  • Seat height: 42 cm
  • Fixation: underground
  • Material: steel, wood
  • Galvanized, powder coated
  • Wood tone: Mahogany, teak, rosewood
  • Certificate: PN EN 1176
  • Warranty 2 years



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