Esta Parket Oak Herringbone AB Dazy Extra Matt Lac.

Moderate color variation. Regular sapwood allowed. Healthy and repaired knots allowed.

Stained PoresNo
JointEstaClic (Patented by Unilin) or T&G
Surface TreatmentExtra Matt Lacquer
Color ToneBeige
Wood Hardness (Brinell)2,9 – 3,7
Dimensions14 x 100 x 700 mm
Package1 Pack 6 pcs: 1,68 m2


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Oak Herringbone AB Dazy Extra Matt Lac. 4B Brushed Gloss 5% Moderate color variation. Regular sapwood allowed. Healthy and repaired knots allowed.

Stained PoresNo
JointEstaClic (Patented by Unilin) or T&G
Surface TreatmentExtra Matt Lacquer
Color ToneBeige
Wood Hardness (Brinell)2,9 – 3,7
Dimensions14 x 100 x 700 mm
Package1 Pack 6 pcs: 1,68 m2

We sell by the package. The price per m2 is given.


Why Esta Parket?


Today’s trend is a natural surface, which can usually only be achieved with an oiled surface, which requires much more maintenance than a lacquered surface. The lacquered surface is easy to clean and maintain, but it looks less natural. Estaparket offers an innovative paint system that looks as natural as an oiled surface and requires the same minimal maintenance as a traditional lacquered surface. The degree of gloss is only 5%.

Birch plywood insert for short end lock

We use the strongest short-ended material available: birch plywood. The locking stresses on the short side of the tables can be very high, especially in periods with dry climates. Softwood or artificial materials, such as HDF, often cannot withstand the stress that results in open gaps between the boards.

Designer painted filler

The repair of filling packaging in the Estaparket factory is done only manually because only in this way is it possible to achieve the best quality.
The advantage of our filler is that it can be painted and is environmentally friendly. This allows you to get a calm and natural look, even on floors with large knots.


The ideal climate for parquet is the same as for humans: relative humidity 40-60% and temperature 14 ° C-23 ° C. Our parquet is made of natural wood, natural living materials. The wood adapts to the climate (shrinks or expands). Dry air (relative humidity below 30%) is dangerous not only to wooden floors but also to humans, causing asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Too humid air will make your floors expand and make you feel tired and dehydrated.

Click the System by UNILIN button

The design of Estaparket locking system is designed to minimize the gaps between the tables. There are no plastic inserts so that all parts of the locking system expand or contract according to the entire design. Estaparket ensures minimum height tolerances between the boards.

Estaparket’s unique underlayment allows your wooden floors to breathe

Avoid mold under the floor by allowing the floors to breathe. Estaparket’s unique 2.3 mm thick underlayment uses air ducts to circulate air under the floor using a micropump system. The air ducts of the underlayment ensure constant air exchange while walking. This removes water vapor from the floor. This support also reduces the noise level by 22 dB and has high compressive strength. Also suitable for underfloor heating.

100% wood

Estaparket floors are completely reusable. They are produced from renewable resources without harming nature. Timber from controlled forests means that new trees are planted after each felling. We use our raw materials efficiently, practically without waste. The waste is used for packaging and recycled for clean energy. External audits and inspections of our environmental management systems are performed regularly.

The unique slow wood drying process

We produce parquet boards only in our factory in Estonia, starting with wood drying to ensure excellent quality. We dry the wood ourselves, using only green energy. Compared to the industry’s standard 2-week drying process, we dry the wood in about 45 days. Slow drying significantly reduces the load on the wood, making the floors more stable.

M1 certificate, VOC / formaldehyde-free

Standards and regulations for the flooring industry have not been updated for decades and are significantly more lenient than M1. Emissions of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds can be very dangerous and cause various diseases. The M1 certificate ensures that Estaparket’s emissions are as slow as the trees in the wild, making Estaparket’s flooring completely safe for your home.

Floor heating

Estaparket floors are suitable for underfloor heating. The heating system must be adjusted so that the temperature of the parquet never exceeds + 27 ° C. The maximum temperature change during 24 hours must not exceed 5 ° C.

Cleaning and maintenance

Estaparket floors are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Just clean them regularly with a vacuum cleaner and wipe up any leaks in a timely manner. Daily cleaning: use a vacuum cleaner. Extended cleaning (recommended 1-2 times a month): Vacuum and then wipe with a damp mop using all-purpose floor cleaners or very little warm soapy water. Wipe the floors only after you have vacuumed them, otherwise, you will wipe the dust into the wood pores.

General care and damage prevention

Please monitor the humidity and temperature as described below and take corrective action if necessary. Placemats on both sides of the front door. Remove dirt or other abrasive materials and wipe up spilled liquid immediately. If you leak (food or drink), wipe it with a cloth or paper towel to prevent permanent damage or stains. Protect all furniture with felt pads to prevent scratches during movement. Do not walk on the floor with high heels as they may leave dents or scratches on the floor. Close curtains or blinds to limit exposure to direct sunlight. To minimize surface damage, keep your pet’s nails trimmed.

Estaparket parquet highlights:

  • All stages in parquet production starting from drying and cutting of wood are carried out in our factory. Here we are implementing TQM (Total Quality Management) strategy in all processes to ensure the best quality!
  • High durability due to the use of unique Anti-Scratch Technology.
  • More scratch/wear-resistant than competitors
  • One of the lowest formaldehyde emissions makes it suitable even for highly allergic people
  • A strong lock ensures no deformation when wood adjusts to climate changes. Unlike many of our competitors, we use Uniclick patented lock, which is virtually watertight.
  • Click Lock – easy glueless installation. Just fit and lock the boards together and Your parquet is ready to use!
  • Perfect geometry ensures no gaps between the boards and the perfectly smooth surface of the floor. Lamellas are cut with the highest precision possible on the most modern machines.
  • Best withstanding temperature and humidity changes due to the unique manufacturing process, keeping minimal stresses in the wood.

30 Year Guarantee

  • Estaparket offers a limited warranty of 30 years. Please see the warranty terms and conditions on the Estaparket website.

  • All wood materials used in the production of Esta Parket are dried/conditioned within our factory complex to guarantee the stability of the board construction.
  • Flooring boards are glued at low temperatures so there’s no inner tension between the components therefore they perform better as laid floor.
  • Esta Parket can be used with underfloor heating. Our parquet performs very well even under Scandinavian variations of moisture and temperatures.
  • The resins used in production are non-toxic and the parquet complies with the severest health requirements.
  • The bottom layer is a Birch veneer that adds to the stability of the board.

Wear Layer

  • The top layer of valuable wood is app. 3.5mm thick and this allows several sandings of the floor if it ever becomes necessary.
  • Environment-friendly lacquers and oils are used in the finishing layers that do not contain solvents or formaldehyde and do not give off any hazardous gazes.

Uniclick Patented Lock

  • Esta Parket boards with click locking can be laid easily and quickly. Glue is not necessary to fix the boards.
  • The boards will close tight up against each other once the locking is clicked into place.
  • Tight locking protects the boards against occasional spillage of water.


  • UV oils by KLUMPP combine the benefits of floors with a natural oil finish and UV-hardened floors. They are based on natural oils which become UV-curable due to chemical modification. This gives them much better chemical properties and improved scratch resistance compared with natural oils.
  • High biogenic content of the build-up
  • High viscosity stability
  • Open-pore effect and coloring of wood alike natural oil
  • Easy to clean properties
  • Preserves the natural wood look


  • Esta Parket lacquered boards are coated with a minimum of 7 layers of protective materials.
  • Multilayer lacquering reveals the natural beauty of the wood and ensures long-time protection.
  • Anti-scratch technology on top of the lacquer expands wear resistance even further.
  • The UV lacquers we use are absolutely safe, they do not contain solvents or formaldehyde and do not evaporate any hazardous materials.
  • A lacquered surface is hygienic, easy to maintain, and provides good protection against staining.



Consto Rica Hotell Narvik, Narvik, Norway Clarion Hotel, Stavanger, Norway
Myrkdalen Hotel, Vossestrand, Norway Ramberg-Skedsmo, Skedsmokorest, Norway RICA Victoria, Oslo, Norway

RICA Oslo, Oslo, Norway
RICA, Götheborg, Sweden
Quality Hotel Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway Quality hotel Tønsberg, Tønsberg, Norway Soria Moria hotel, Oslo, Norway
Klaus K, Helsinki, Finland
Högfjällshotellet, Sälen, Sweden
Radisson Blu, Lillehammer, Norway
Scandic Oscar, Varkaus, Finland
Hilton, Tallinn, Estonia
Clarion, Helsinki, Finland
Hanasaari, Espoo, Finland
Hanko Regatta Suites, Hanko, Finland Mariott, Athens, Greece
Arkaden, Mästra, Sweden
Marklandet, Täby, Sweden
Tripla, Helsinki, Finland
Radisson Blu, Oulu,Finland
Maximilian, Prague, Czech Republic


Mariinsky Theatre Orkestra hall, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, Saint Petersburg, Russia Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey
Planet Wellness Village, Switzerland
London 2012 Olympics Basketball Courts


Kista Torn (tallest residential building in the city), Stockholm, Sweden Horisont (tallest building in Jutland), Jutland, Denmark
One Bloor (tallest residential building in Toronto), Toronto, Canada
The Alba Takapuna block of flats (tallest building in the area), New Zealand Young and Rich, Toronto, Canada

X2 Condos, Toronto, Canada Charle Condos, Toronto, Canada.

About Factory

Estaparket is the brand name for the parquet manufactured by TECHNOMAR & ADREM AS, a family-owned private company founded in 1991. 100% of production is made in one factory in Estonia, EU Member, starting from drying the wood until the packed product. The concept is to produce Best Value products. At least 95% of products are exported to Customers in more than 72 countries throughout Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.


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