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Control panel UKU Local Gold

The control panel UKU Local Gold is HUUM’s latest electric heater control device, which with its golden finish adds elegance to the interior of every sauna. This unique golden control panel made of real glass and with a reflective surface is like a touch of luxury in your sauna interior.

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If you want to heat the sauna with an electric heater only locally from the remote control, the UKU Local Gold remote control is ideal for this. This control panel makes heating the sauna extremely easy and convenient, all family members can handle it with ease. You can adjust the temperature of the sauna, choose the heating time that suits you and use the timer to select the start time of the heating. You go to work in the morning and when you come home in the evening, the relaxing sauna is ready, isn’t it convenient?

The control panel is suitable for all electric heaters up to 18kW. Compatible with Huum electric heaters as well as heaters from other manufacturers

The Uku Local Gold control panel has several features and options that make sauna heating and going to the sauna a pleasant and safe experience. This control panel can be connected to the sauna’s lighting, ventilation and steamer, it has overheating protection and a child lock, so that you don’t have to be tense and worry too much about safety on sauna day.

The set includes:

  • control panel (90 x 130 x 18.2 mm)
  • control panel cable (3 m; 4 x 0.34 mm²)
  • main module (142 x 90 x 58 mm)
  • thermal sensor
  • door sensor and cable for thermal
  • door sensor (5 + 5m; 2 x 0.22 mm²)

The control panel is primarily designed for recessed installation, before installation make a recess in the wall with dimensions of 65 x 105 mm to the desired place. HUUM has also developed a frame that allows the control panel to be mounted on the surface. If you want to purchase an additional frame, please contact us.



  • WEIGHT: 1.7 kg
  • TEMPERATURE: 40-110 ºC
  • UP TO HEATER: 18 kW
  • SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 230V 1N, 400V 3N
  • HEATING TIME: 3h, 8h, 12h







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