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KS S22 Pro electric unicycle

Electric Unicycle – Compact and convenient self balancing monowheel

Innovative suspension system.

A new wheel that tackles the most extreme conditions, and a comfort unmatched by Kingsong.

2,417.22not inc. VAT

Pay later, in 3 parts – 0% interest, 0€ extra fees.

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The KingSong S22 is a comprehensive package that effortlessly combines power, range, and innovation in one unicycle. Enabling wide-ranging exploration and exhilarating rides, the S22 features a sizable 2200Wh battery capacity using Samsung 50G 21700 battery cells, a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the S18.

Remarkable Range and Speed: According to KingSong’s tests, the S22 Pro offers an extraordinary autonomous ride of up to 200km. With a top speed of 70km/h, the unicycle ensures thrilling and swift journeys. All this power is delivered by a potent 3300W hollow motor that can peak at 7500W with 160Nm torque, making hill climbing an effortless task.

Quality of Life Features: The S22 Pro has been designed with a focus on comfort and utility, featuring customizable power pads, adjustable spiked honeycomb pedals, and a removable seat. It also sports an integrated kickstand for easy parking. With eight 5W adjustable LED headlights and combined brake and turn lights at the back, visibility and safety are never compromised.

The KingSong S22 Pro is indeed an all-in-one unicycle package that brings together power, range, comfort, and innovative features. Whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring off-road trails, the S22 Pro promises an unmatched riding experience.


Technical specifications:

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 68 × 33 × 97 cm
Product Model KS-S22 Pro
Max. speed 70km/h
Max Range 200km
Weight ~35kg
Gradeability 40°
Rated power 4000W
Max. power 8500W
Tires 18*3inch
Max. load 120kg
Pedal size 277*130mm
Pedal height 231mm±26mm
Product size 582(L)*330(W)*747(H)mm
Package size 680(L)*330(W)*970(H)mm
Rider height 150cm-200cm
Operating temperature -10°C ~ +45°C
Battery model Samsung 21700
Rated capacity 2220Wh
Rated voltage 111V DC
Maximum charging voltage 126V DC
Charging time 4~5h
Cyclical lifetime 500 charging cycles with power maintained above 70%
Input voltage AC 100-240V
Output voltage DC 126V
Output current 5A
DC cable port type Dual GX16-6


Warranty: 2 years for the mainboard and the motor, 1 year for the battery pack.


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