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KS-16X electric unicycle

Electric Unicycle – Compact and convenient self balancing monowheel.

The KingSong 16X electric unicycle is the new 16 inch wheel by KingSong.  The KingSong 16X has been redesigned to boost performance, offering a larger battery of 1554Wh, a more powerful 2200W motor, higher pedals and a thicker 3 inch tire.  These changes will offer improvements in riding comfort both off-road and at higher speeds onroad.

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Smart Driving Manager for You

Connect your euc to the KingSong App via Bluetooth to check detailed information like vehicle status, battery info, mileage info control the lights, lock the motor, upgrade firmware, and more.

2200Watt Powerful Brushless Motor

Equipped with a powerful brushless motor, the performance is stable and reliable, the rated power reaches 4200W, and the maximum torque is 120N. m and the maximum speed can reach 50km/h.

Enjoy the comfort of immersive sound

The speakers deliver powerful sound and a direct impact, giving you a cinema-like sound experience.

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Surround Stereo 360
  • High-Quality voice

New Upgrade Honeycomb Pedal

The upgraded pedal improves friction between shoes and pedal surface, making the riding more comfortable and safer.

Metal Material Made

• Atmospheric design with cool looks
• Easy to clean with water and a brush

Solid Structure

• Honeycomb and solid structure
• Prevent mud, dust or snow from affecting its grip
• Grip is preserved regardless of any substrate where you go

Brilliant in Every Detail

Colorful Lighting System

DIY atmosphere LED, flick with frequency spectrum; colorful lights of the whole EUC.


Comfortable Power Pad

Improve riding comfort and the acceleration and deceleration of the wheel.

Ultra-bright Headlight

The high brightness of the new headlight effectively improves safety when driving at night.


High Strength Handle

Built-in telescopic handle with anti-spin lift sensor.


Product information:

  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Removable Battery: 1554wh ( Original Top Quality Lithium battery )
  • Charging time: around 14hrs 1.5Acharger(Standard)/8.4hrs 2.5A charger(Optional)
  • Mileage: 140-160km
  • DC charger: Input: AC 80~240 V, Output: 84V、1.5A(Standard) /2.5A(Optional)
  • Top speed: 50km/h
  • Rated Power: 2200W
  • Maximum Power: 4200W
  • Maximum loading: 120kg
  • Maximum Gradability: Around 35°
  • Size: 590 mm(H) x 495 mm(L)x 253.5mm(W)
  • Color: Black




1. The range is based on KingSong’s testing and may vary depending on terrain riding habits, the weight of the rider, and even weather conditions.
2. Range test conditions: under full power, 70kg load, ambient temperature of 25 °C, and drive at a constant speed on the level road at 70% of the maximum driving speed., the actual range varies according to speed, number of starts, stops, ambient temperature, etc…
3. The pictures displayed in this file are for reference only, the final product may differ.
4. Performance statistics are adjusted according to local laws.


Warranty: 2 years for the mainboard and the motor, 1 year for the battery pack.



KingSong EUC Specification KS-16X



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