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Electric heater HARVIA GLOBE GL110E 10,5 kw + HARVIA XENIO CX170

Harvia Globe GL110E – with electronic control panel, mounted inside or outside the sauna.

Harvia’s popular electric heater models are designed to give you the best sauna bath experience in daily use, year after year. Every heater contains top-of-the-line technology and is economical and pleasant to use.



The efficient use of high-quality raw material – robust stainless steel – and chemical- free surface handling are examples of environmentally conscious thinking. The heater’s construction, which consists of accurately laser-cut steel arcs and rings, represents new thinking as well. The heater’s stone mass has been optimized: it warms up sufficiently fast without compromising on the steam’s softness. The Harvia Globe heater is operated through the touch control panel. The simply elegant and splash-proof control panel can be installed on the in- or outside of the sauna. The heater has a compact power unit, which takes care of the electricity supply to the heating elements.

A recommended sauna size 9-15 m3.

Heater is controlled by a separate control unit Harvia Xenio CX170 (included).

Heater is designed to run in 400V 3-phase input!

  • Temperature is adjustable to degree accuracy.
  • Pre-activation time 0 – 18 hrs.
  • The operating time of the oven switched on up to 12 hours.
  • Heater dimensions: width – 50 cm; depth of 50 cm; height – 47.5 cm.
  • Stones included.
  • Recommended for sauna size 9-15 m3.
  • Electronic control panel – Harvia Xenio CX170.
  • Code: HGL110

A safety rail is not included in the price!

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