Bulder stove "Vesuvi 01" (7 tubes)

Bulder stove “Vesuvi 01” (7 pipes) is an air calorifier on solid fuel, which can be used for heating both residential and industrial premises.

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Bulder stove “Vesuvi 01” (7 pipes) is an air calorifier on solid fuel, which can be used for heating both residential and industrial premises. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire heated room without the help of a fan. The cold air penetrates into the hot air pipes, where it warms up to 60-80 degrees, and then flows out into the heated room. The area of ​​use is very different: summer houses, warehouses, workshops, shops, residential buildings, etc. with air volume up to 1300 M3. For example, the smallest furnace type in productivity is 4.5 m3 of warm air per minute. The Bulder stove can be used as backup heating in parallel with other heaters.


Additional information:

  • Heated space m3: 200 m3
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Dimensions: depth/height/width: 783х737х555 mm
  • Heat output kw: 11 kW
  • The diameter of the smoke pipe is 120 mm
  • The length of the logs is 450mm


The operation of the air heater is based on the burning of fuel using the glow method in a 2-chamber hearth. As a result of the glowing process, combustion furnace gases are generated in the lower chamber, while only their complete combustion occurs in the upper chamber. The Vesuvi oven consists of a two-chamber hearth around which air pipes are installed, a smoke damper, a fan regulator and an oven door. The guided air enters from the lower end of the air pipe, heats up and flows evenly into the heated room. The air temperature fluctuation in the room is not large, as the oven ensures air movement. Fuel burning takes place in both chambers of the hearth.

Those gases that do not burn completely in the lower chamber rise to the top, where their complete combustion takes place thanks to the additional air that enters there through the insectors. Such hearth construction ensures efficient use of fuel and high efficiency (75%). Air heater Vesuvi (Bulder) is made of high-quality boiler steel, which ensures its long service life (at least 15 years) if used correctly. The power of the boulder is changed with an air regulator located in the door of the hearth. When heating with wood, the air heater works for more than 8 hours with a fully charged hearth. The large oven door and spacious combustion chamber make work easier and allow the use of very thick wood chips for heating. Vesuvi (Bulderi) air heaters have much lower heating costs than traditional furnaces.


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