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For the avid gardener, the first seeds have already been sown, and the creation of a garden plan is in full swing. Whether your green space is limited to a small balcony, sprawls across a spacious garden, or is confined to just a windowsill – growing plants brings joy to people of all ages. Give new experiments a chance this season! Try growing watermelons, for example. April is an excellent time to start sowing radishes, lettuce, spinach, and dill in a greenhouse or polytunnel. If you don’t yet have a greenhouse or if the existing one needs upgrading, now is the right time to act. A large selection of greenhouses in our online store is immediately available and can be delivered across mainland Estonia within 1-3 working days.


When choosing a greenhouse, consider…

Location is one of the first and most important considerations for where to place your greenhouse. It should be situated in a sufficiently sunny area, yet protected from strong winds. Accessibility and the need to connect the greenhouse to water and, if necessary, electricity should also be considered. Size depends on the planned use and the size of the available plot of land. A larger greenhouse offers more flexibility but is also more expensive both to purchase and to maintain.



The frame material can be wood, aluminum, steel, or plastic. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, for example, wood’s natural appearance versus aluminum’s lightness and corrosion resistance. The covering material can be glass, polycarbonate, or plastic film. Glass is durable, offering excellent transparency but is definitely more expensive. Polycarbonate is lighter, more impact-resistant, and has better thermal insulation, but it may become cloudy over time. Plastic film is the most economical solution but requires more frequent replacement.


Ventilation and Heating

Ventilation is crucial for regulating temperature and humidity levels in the greenhouse. Adequate ventilation helps prevent excessive heat and humidity, which can promote the spread of diseases.

Heating may be necessary if you plan to use the greenhouse year-round. There are several options, from electric heating to gas and oil heating. It is important to choose an efficient and economically sensible heating solution.

Additionally, consider extra equipment, such as shelves, tables, irrigation systems, and automatic window openers. These elements can significantly increase the functionality and comfort of using the greenhouse. Last but not least is the budget. Greenhouse prices vary greatly depending on size, materials, and additional equipment. It’s important to find a balance between desired features and budget. We recommend consulting with our specialists and writing to order@factory.sale; we can help choose the right greenhouse.


The greenhouse, as just a boring plastic house? Hardly…

The word “greenhouse” brings to mind the typical plastic house, but today it’s possible to choose from various materials, shapes, and sizes.

For example, the “Standart mini” greenhouse available from Factory.Sale is suitable for both novice gardeners and those with extensive experience. The greenhouse is easy to assemble and convenient to use. Its arches can be opened from both sides for weeding or watering plants, allowing one side to be easily lifted for necessary tasks. Due to its small area and dimensions, the soil in this greenhouse warms up quickly, enabling the planting of larger seedlings. Naturally, this greenhouse is ideal for growing onions, radishes, herbs, as well as cucumbers and peppers.

The greenhouse “ARROW” also has an interesting shape. Its frame is made from particularly strong galvanized profiled steel, which withstands heavy snow loads and ensures the longevity of the structure. For this model, it’s possible to additionally purchase a roof vent and an automatic (gas) vent opener. The greenhouse is easy to assemble and will certainly add flair to the garden design with its unique appearance.


The “Hybrid” greenhouse series combines practical design with aesthetic, functional, and durable construction.

These were just a few examples from our selection of greenhouses. Find the right greenhouse for you here: Greenhouses



We also offer installation and delivery! To receive an offer, select a greenhouse and write to us, including your address at order@factory.sale