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Bamboo flooring products have been gaining a lot of popularity among European and American architects and interior designers the past few years now. However, less sustainable products such as PVC and laminate floorings are also on the rise. Unfortunately, we have had to spend a lot of time at home over the past two years, thus the indoor climate of the home has become even more important. We have also become more environmentally conscious as a society. As a result, more and more people consider the environmental impact of materials when renovating an apartment or building a new residential building. Bamboo parquets and floors have many advantages over wood, especially when it comes to environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Six reasons why bamboo is the future of flooring

Bamboo flooring is strong like a stone but warm under your feet


Bamboo flooring has a beautiful natural appearance

Bamboo floors are made of natural materials. The floor is "alive", which means that no floorboard is exactly the same, and the appearance of the parquet is therefore natural and pure. The natural appearance of the bamboo floor has won the hearts of many, bringing warmth and peace to your soul. Hence the reason why many synthetic floorings often imitate the pattern of wood.


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Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing plant known for its sustainable qualities

Not only does bamboo hold the Guinness World Record for the fastest growing plant in the world, it is also a plant that grows back to the same place even after being cut down. If the forest gets completely destroyed after clearcutting, bamboo continues to grow from the rhizome to its old growth site. Every year, new bamboo trunks grow to a length of nearly 20 meters in six months. After that, it takes another 4-5 years for the bamboo trunk to become fully suitable for cutting.
During the formation of the trunk, bamboo binds a large amount of CO2, which is of great value in terms of environmental sustainability. Harvesting and management of bamboo forests prevents the decay of old trunks, which would otherwise release
captured CO2. Therefore, reasonable management of the bamboo forest is beneficial for the health of the forest in every way. Bamboo is a very strong material and MOSO High Density® parquet is even stronger than most exotic wood parquettes.



Stylish and durable MOSO parquet is also suitable for our four-legged friends

Is bamboo flooring really that durable?

Bamboo is a very strong material and MOSO High Density® parquet is even stronger than most exotic wood parquettes. Bamboo floors and parquets are very durable due to the high strength of the material. Immediately after cutting a mature Moso bamboo trunk, the strength of its raw bamboo is comparable to that of an oak floor. This strength is preserved when producing floors from bamboo lamellas, which are called Side Pressed and Plain Pressed floors. High Density® bamboo floors are made
of bamboo lamellas, which have been made into strips and then pressed together with extremely high pressure, which significantly increases the density of the material. The strength of High Density® bamboo floors is therefore comparable to
even the strongest types of exotic wood (teak, ipe). These durable floors can withstand very difficult and stressful conditions, they are perfect for places such as shopping malls and airports. Bamboo Ultra Density®, which is one of the most durable types of flooring, is even used in railway stations, where thousands of pairs of feet pass through every day. Read more about how Density® bamboo products are made here.

Bamboo flooring fits into different interiors


There are various bamboo floors available to suit every need

Bamboo flooring comes in a variety of styles and shades, from wide and long planks to small panels consisting of solid bamboo blocks. Therefore, even the most demanding customer should be able to find a suitable solution. The special designs of MOSO parquets not only look different, but also differ in their technical properties. Narrower floorboards made of straight bamboo strips are definitely the most affordable choice for the customer, while wide parquet boards made of extremely
strong High Density® material are more durable and stronger.

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Bamboo floors ensure a healthy indoor climate and do not emit toxic or volatile substances

We think that an excellent and healthy indoor climate is one of the most important aspects when choosing a floor. For MOSO, there is no room for compromise when it comes to this. Who wouldnt want only healthy materials into their home or office?
Since bamboo floors cannot be made directly from bamboo trunks and bamboo is hollow inside due to its nature, glue must be used when producing parquet or flooring. MOSO® guarantees that the glues used on the floors do not contain substances hazardous to health. All MOSO floors and parquets have been tested at a high level in European laboratories and meet the strictest requirements for excluding the emission of harmful substances. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure
that MOSO® bamboo floors ensure a healthy and odor-free indoor environment. Bamboo floors are wear-resistant and have a manufacturers warranty of up to 30 years.

As previously mentioned, bamboo flooring materials are very strong and therefore have a long service life. You’ve probably heard similar promises about other floorings: wear-resistant, color-retaining and durable. Unfortunately, all materials change color due to UV light, walking and being in use. The big advantage of bamboo is that it is relatively easy to refresh the parquet if the traces of use and the change in the color of the material become too noticeable. With laminate or PVC floors, damage to the
board usually means replacing the entire floor. Bamboo flooring can be restored and sanded just like any wooden floor.



Happy building with bamboo!
MOSO Estonia​