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Operating principle of solar panels in cold weather

Solar panels are designed to provide consistent energy production throughout the year, even in harsh winter conditions. Interestingly, the specifics of cold climates can actually increase the efficiency of the panels. Photovoltaic panels, which work by converting sunlight into electrical energy, are often more efficient in cold conditions. For example, a layer of snow covering the ground and reflecting sunlight can increase the light reception of the panels. Although the total productivity of solar panels is lower in winter than in summer, it is possible on certain days for the panels’ output to exceed their rated power.

Maximizing efficiency in winter

The main reasons for the decrease in solar panel productivity in winter are shorter days and snow accumulating on the panels. Optimizing the position and angle of the panels can help reduce snow accumulation and improve light absorption. In Estonia, the recommended angle for panels is 30–40 degrees. Panels installed at a steeper angle can melt the snow with the effect of the sun’s rays and slide it off.
For example: when a sunny winter day shines, the rays penetrate through the snow layer, and the panels start to warm up. This process helps the snow slide off the panels. Additionally, vertical installation may be suitable for larger buildings where snow accumulation on the panels is less likely.

Winter maintenance of solar panels

Properly installed solar panels require minimal maintenance in winter. They are designed to withstand snowfall, strong winds, and other severe weather conditions. When spring arrives and the sun becomes more intense, the snow on the panels naturally begins to melt, causing it to slide off. The snow also acts as a natural cleaner, removing accumulated dirt and debris over the winter.
Although cleaning the panels of snow is usually not necessary, exceptionally snowy winters may require manual intervention. In such cases, it is important to remove the snow gently from the panels to avoid mechanical damage. Also, be cautious when removing ice, which may start to slide off the panels with warmer weather and damage their structure.


Electricity production of solar parks in winter

Although the productivity of solar panels in winter is lower than in summer, this does not mean that energy production is nonexistent. Even on cloudy days, panels can generate electricity. In autumn and winter, solar panels produce about 10–20% of the total electricity generated throughout the year. The electricity that is not produced can be compensated by purchasing from the grid.
Solar energy is an excellent choice for electricity production year-round, requiring only minimal maintenance. Choosing the right angle and a competent installer is critical to ensure the best possible productivity of the system.


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