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Are you looking for an effective and environmentally friendly solution for disinfecting your space? Airbiotic24 Probiotic Air Purifier is a modern and innovative device that ensures efficient air purification using probiotic bacteria.

What are probiotic cleaning agents?

Probiotic disinfectants are biological products that contain live microorganisms – probiotics. These microorganisms are safe for humans and animals, and are capable of neutralizing pathogenic microorganisms that can cause diseases. Therefore, you can forget about using any chemicals and have the freedom to choose an environmentally friendly solution. Your guests and four-legged friend will thank you.

Airbiotic24 Probiotic Air Purifier uses probiotic bacteria to purify the air, providing safe and toxin-free air purification and freshening. The device is equipped with a special filter that allows air to pass through a pad coated with probiotics. When the air comes into contact with these microorganisms, probiotics begin to neutralize pathogenic microorganisms, creating a balanced and healthy microflora.

TIP: Spray the product on your skin after washing and moisturizing your skin is a thing of the past.

Spring is a time when many people suffer from allergies, especially when pollen starts to float in the air. Airbiotic24 Probiotic Air Purifier helps reduce allergens, dust, bacteria, and other microorganisms in the air that can cause respiratory irritation and illnesses.

TIP: Spray the product between the sheets and better sleep is guaranteed.

The device is easy to use and maintain. The device is equipped with indicators that show when to replace the pads coated with probiotics or perform maintenance.

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