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About the company

For several years, we at Fortemix have been producing the Fortelock PVC tile and other flooring material. We are a purely Czech company specializing in the manufacture of flooring systems for both industrial and commercial premises and households.

Thanks to an innovative approach, superior design, and highly modern production technology, more than 10,000,000 m2 of our flooring has already been installed around the world.
You can get Fortelock tiles in most countries of Central, Eastern, and Western Europe.

Our goal is your satisfaction. We, therefore, waste no time in resolving your requirements. We will offer you technical assistance whenever you need it, adapt to your specialized solutions, and above all deliver high-quality products, which you can depend on and which you expect.

We put emphasis on constant investment into research to ensure our floors are in accord with the latest insights and discoveries. This allows us to offer you ideal comfort, a material with superior resilience, simple installation and dependable floor.

Another important factor in the operation of our company is respect for the environment. That’s why all our tiles are recyclable and we create minimum waste and emission in manufacturing them. We are protecting our surroundings for future generations.