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ESTA PARKET is the Brand name for the parquet manufactured by TECHNOMAR & ADREM AS, a family owned private Company founded in 1991. From the beginning the main activity of the Company was further processing of plywood and timber. At least 95% of our products are produced for Customers in more than 40 countries throughout Europe, America and Asia.

Making use of the latest technological advancements enabled the Company to manufacture a high quality product from the very beginning.

The results of the tests made by independent laboratories show that the quality of ESTA PARKET, is on same or higher level compared to other premium parquet manufacturer, particularly in the quality of the finished surface.

In 2005 a new factory was built on the main Tallinn site and fitted out with the latest technically advanced machinery supplied by specialists in this field: Germany – Bürkle, Homag, Schröder, Sweden – Wood-Eye, Finland – Martek, Italy – Cefla/Sorbini, Costa.

The factory is capable of producing up to 2.5 million square meters of parquet per year.

Technomar & Adrem is committed to conserving the environment and is one of the most environmentally friendly enterprises in the industry. Investments into the new machinery and factory optimization have decreased the CO2 emissions to minimum.

Achieving synergy between the factories allowed improving overall energy efficiency. Overall waste produced by the factories forms less that 1 % of all processed materials. All waste is used to produce green energy. Wood is natural renewable material which creates very little waste during its lifecycle, delivering the energy from wood-based biofuels. The wood processing industry does not exploit fossil fuel resources and is part of the nature’s natural carbon cycle.

In the year 2000 Technomar & Adrem has been recertified with ISO 9001 Certificate, which is updated every 3 years.

Benefits realized since the introduction of ISO 9001:2015 system:

  • Guarantee of consistent standards in product quality
  • Customer confidence in the performance of the company
  • Increased volume of high technological orders
  • Manufacturing errors decreased to 0.2 % of the output

FSC® Certificate

In the year 2012 Technomar & Adrem has been certified with FSC® Certificate for a period of 5 years.