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Adamietz is focused on offering products that meet strict requirements put forward by investors, users, and designers of contemporary industrial, commercial and public utility objects.

Therefore, in 2013 we started production of insulation sandwich panels for roofing and walls of various objects in with steel and reinforced concrete structures. The production stage was preceded by three years of intensive preparations. Within that period, we were developing and implementing the technology, which as a result allowed us to start one of the most modern lines of sandwich panels in Poland. We based our technology on European leaders specialized in delivering the technology for the production of the highest-class insulation materials.

ARPANEL is a system that combines current trends, knowledge and long experience of our team. It is a work of the highest class experts. This is more than just sandwich panels. ARPANEL is a complex system, which is a result of our more than 20-year-long experience in designing and manufacturing light development, supported with analysis of European markets and their expectations. The ARPANEL sandwich panels have been designed with three insulation cores:
o polyurethane foam PUR,
o polyisocyanurate foam PIR,
o MiWo mineral wool.

The diversity is approved by investors, designers and contractors, who therefore have the freedom to choose a proper solution in the insulation of roofs and walls, corresponding to their needs and the object’s destination.

ARPANEL means style, quality, and functionality.