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Areco is a privately owned Swedish company founded in 1944 and today is one of the leading players in the sheet metal industry. Areco’s business activities are mainly directed to the construction industry with a comprehensive range of building components in sheet metal for residential and commercial properties. The group with currently 300 employees and eight subsidiaries has an annual turnover of approximately EUR 200 million and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Customers are served in 25 countries.

Areco Profiles

Areco Profiles is one of the largest producers and distributors of construction steel for roof and wall profiles, fittings and various types of accessories in the Nordic countries. Since 2012, the company also handles the manufacturing of roof drainage products. The customers have almost limitless options when it comes to profiles, coatings, and colors. The raw material comes from certified and quality-focused steelworks to meet the high environmental and quality standards. Thanks to its high level of purchasing expertise, Areco Profiles is able to satisfy the high-set demands while offering competitive prices.

As a result of Areco Profiles’ rapid development, the company has been able to build its own factories with the latest technology. Thanks to its modern factories and logistics solutions, Areco Profiles is able to maintain efficient production with a low level of staffing.

Areco Profiles has two factories in Malmö – one for sheet metal for roof and wall profiles and another for roof drainage products. There are also factories in Lipiany, Poland and Terndrup, Denmark.

In addition to the manufacturing in its own factories, Areco Profiles works closely with partners. The company rents out profile works and acts as a total distributor for its partner companies. Since opening the doors to its first profile works in 1997, the company has grown quickly and currently owns over 40 profile works.

Areco Profiles offers a full range and has products to meet all customer needs and wishes. Its customers are found in both the industrial and the commercial sector in the form of various resellers, profilers, hall construction companies, and DIY stores. In addition, the company’s own store chain, Areco Direct, offers a complete range of Areco Profile products. Efforts are ongoing to optimize flexibility and customization.

Through its employees, Areco Profiles has a high level of engineering expertise, with engineers performing design calculations for the customers.


In 2004, Areco Profiles opened the doors to a factory for the production of the roof and wall sheeting, roof tiles, purlins, and sheet metal products. The factory handles about 4 million square meters. Since 2012, there is also a factory for the production of roof drainage products. In Malmö, products are produced for distribution in northern Europe.

In Terndrup, Denmark, Areco Profiles has a manufacturing unit for roof and wall sheeting as well as roof tiles. This unit handles 2 million square meters for the Danish, German and Norwegian markets.

Production facilities for roof and wall sheeting are also found in Lipiany, Poland, where 500,000 square meters are produced for the Polish market.


Areco Profiles offers classic low profiles together with trendy medium profiles with a very good load-bearing capacity and an attractive design. The company offers simple and economic solutions, no matter the project size. The profiles are also available in different sheet thicknesses and colors, uninsulated and insulated. They are produced in any length to best suit customer requirements.

Facade profiles create an exciting architecture when used in conjunction with other building materials. Depending on the profile type, coating and color, the choices are practically unlimited. Like with roof profiles, wall profiles can be produced in any length.

Areco Profiles can also supply high profiles, which today is a component used in the construction of halls and arenas. The high profile can be cantilevered up to ten meters and thereby has a high coverage width in relation to its load-bearing capacity.

Areco Profiles has a wide range of sandwich panels, which can be used with good results as external walls and roofs and can also be used as internal walls and ceilings. The wide range of profiles and colors increases the number of variations available to create a distinct appearance.

The plain sheet is timeless, bendable and exclusive roofing material. In the hands of a sheet metal worker, it becomes a stunning roof on buildings where the material’s flexibility, high quality, and appearance is of utmost importance. The plain sheet has a classic style that suits both elegant 18th-century houses and contemporary ones.


The roof tiles combine strength with the elegant appearance of a traditional roof. The lightweight of the profiles makes handling simple and reduces the weight on the under roof. The roof tiles are available in many colors.


Since 2012, Areco produces a complete range of roof drainage products under the name CARACOL, inspired by a beautiful waterfall in Brazil.

The drainage system is designed to be aesthetically and functionally joined to the rest of the roof. The product is of the highest quality, designed to maintain high performance. Many years of collaboration with sheet metal workers and others in the industry have given Areco invaluable knowledge that has helped the company develop a simple, effective and sustainable production system.

Our fully automated CARACOL production plant in Malmö is equipped with only the latest tools and machines from world-leading manufacturers. All of the production lines consist entirely of computer-controlled, fully-automated machines and robots.


Areco Profiles’ purlins combine lightweight with strength in roofs, facades and partition walls. The high load-bearing capacity makes it possible to increase the distance between the structural components, and the purlin format is designed to suit the most common dimensions of insulation.


Areco Profiles offers all kinds of accessories in colors and sizes suited to the other products in our range. Areco also produces standard and special fittings to enable customers to achieve good results.

With our high level of purchasing expertise, Areco Profiles is always able to satisfy the high-set demands while offering competitive prices.


Turnover: SEK 655 M
Employees: 77
Location: Sweden, Denmark, Poland
(Norway, sales office)