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Latest Building Material Trends in the Construction Industry 2020

While the concrete was the biggest achievement of the Romans for a building construction technique and building material, we have come a long way! Contexts have changed to such an extent that while we are at the epitome of utilizing human intelligence at its best, we are also facing certain repercussions of our behavior towards the environment.

The building construction industry leads in CO2 emissions. However, the industry is coming with new materials every now and then, and here are some of the latest Building construction material trends.

Building Material Trends 2020

1. Cigarette Butts – Yes, you heard it right! What cause harm to the human body can actually contribute towards a sustainable building constructions. 1.2 millions of cigarette butts is relegated to trash. Scientists from RMIT University in Australia have figured out to infuse the butts into bricks to provide strength to a conventional building material.

Cigarette buds Building Material

Image by Analogicus from Pixabay

2. Bamboo Reinforced Concrete – Bamboo is seen as a commonly used material in the building construction industry for scaffolding purposes as well as a building material. Reinforcing it with concrete, makes it more durable as a building material, while also allows good resistance to earthquakes.

Bamboo used as Building Material

Image by Walkerssk from Pixabay

3. Hydrogel – The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona has tested this building material in form of a wall. Inspired by the human anatomy, this building material is able to cool itself and can absorb water when the air around gets to hot and starts to evaporate.

Hydrogel Building Material

Image by Екатерина Киселёва from Pixabay

This building material could be a change the way we look at building construction and reduce the use of active systems in a building.

4. Breathing Bricks – Brick as a conventional building material is quite heard of. But a material that can breathe? Well, that’s exactly what scientists at CalPoly are working towards.

A building material that can breathe in all the toxic air and act like a miniature vacuum, filtering the bad air and releasing it out again. This can change the face of the building construction industry today, where it is the largest contributor of CO2 emissions.

Breathing Bricks Building Material

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

5. Other Materials-  Trending Materials in the leading building construction industry includes – Transparent Wood, BioFoam, Self-repairing concrete and many other such trends which can contribute towards a better, sustainable environment and give the latest building construction industry a way to practice sustainable yet contemporary designs.



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