Garden house CUBO 2 (5.3 m²)

The CUBO 2 storage shed, which has a practical and universal look, is suitable for any garden.

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The practical and universal looking garden house storage is suitable for every garden.
Do you have bikes, children’s outdoor toys, a lawnmower or other garden supplies and tools lying around in your garden? When you purchase a suitable garden house, you create your own home garden!
Garden house storage CUBO 2 offers storage for things and protects your property from all weather conditions.


Additional information:

  • Wall dimensions – 226/234 cm
  • Window glass – toughened package
  • Floor area – 5.3 m2
  • Ridge height – 232 cm
  • Roofing material – roofing tar board
  • Wall thickness – 19mm
  • The product is transported in parts packed in one large package
  • Package dimensions – length 230 cm, width 111 cm, height 76 cm
  • Weight – 376 kg


The set includes doors, windows and all technical drawings that simplify installation. If desired, we also offer installation and additional works that increase the durability of the garden house even more. The services offered by us are moisture barrier treatment, replacement of the test material with a significantly stronger one, painting according to the customer’s request, a stronger base, gutter installation, etc. Our team is based on the client’s wishes. High-quality materials, careful work and correct finishing ensure that the house will last for many years and will ensure you cozy summer evenings for many years.


In the case of natural untreated wood, it is worth knowing:

The garden houses are located in the outdoor environment, open to the effects of the weather, exposed to rain and sun. Wood absorbs water and its moisture content changes according to changes in the moisture content of the surrounding environment. As the humidity increases, the wood expands, and as the humidity decreases, it shrinks. In the garden, where it is humid and warm, the untreated wood gradually begins to soften. It is possible to prevent or at least slow down the destruction of wood by processing it, so the wooden material will last much longer. When properly treated, the wood is protected against expansion, UV radiation, mold and mildew.

When buying, we definitely recommend treating a garden house made of natural wood to prevent its destruction both inside and outside
Garden houses painted on the outside are made of natural untreated wood on the inside, we recommend treating them with a moisture barrier
In addition to assembling garden houses, we also offer processing


DELIVERY:  2-4 weeks
We offer assembly and processing


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