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Çalışkan stove 214-3D-BOX

ÇALIŞKAN 214-3D-BOX is a multifunctional wood burning stove, it is a fantastic masterpiece in any room, it can heat your large room with its high energy efficiency, but at the same time you can ideally cook your foods in its oven with well-designed heat path. You really get the most out of every piece of wood you put in.
In this cookstove, there is an oven vent slider that expels food odors through the chimney connection inside the oven, so that food odors do not spread to the room during cooking.

1,189.04not inc. VAT

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Energy, efficiency, sustainability and design!
The fireplace wood stove! It is well designed to guarantee high efficiency and minimum consumption!

Clean combustion!
Use of high quality materials!

Elevate your cozy atmosphere with our fabulous wood stoves!
Let your home turn into a warm shelter on the coldest days and nights with the Çalışkan fireplace wood stove range!

Your pet will love spending time with this fireplace stove and will feel like in paradise next to it.

This model offers a wide view of the fire in landscape mode.
214-3D-BOX is a premium wood burning stove with oven. It is glazed on 3 sides. Both the front and the sides are large glass panels that turn the 214-3D-BOX into an impressive fireplace.

For the lovers of the real wood fire!
Extra wide windows for optimum fire visibility
Three large windows provide a magnificent view of the flames.

Enamel coated unique oven next to the combustion chamber.
Atmosphere, heat and slow cooking.
This model offers atmosphere, warmth and also the possibility to prepare dishes.

The 214-3D-BOX is the perfect eco-friendly choice of stove for your home. It is BlmSchV and EcoDesign approved and meets all the new clean air standards in force from 2022. Furthermore, it’s one of the best affordable stoves on the market.

Save money and resources! The advantages of heating with this Çalışkan wood stove are unrivaled, especially during the transition period between autumn and winter.

5 years warranty!


Technical specifications:

  • Power: 7 kW
  • Height: 915 mm
  • Width: 850 mm
  • Depth: 520 mm
  • Weight: 129 kg
  • Flue diameter: Ø 130 mm
  • Color: black



• Porcelain enamel coated body and cast iron doors.
• Combustion chamber cladding with heat resistant quality proven fire bricks.
• Thermal shock resistant ceramic large glasses with heat reflective infrared (IR) feature in the combustion chamber section.
• Ventilation slider that prevents soot formation on the glasses
• Heat resistant wick on the lids.
• Oven temperature indicator.
• Enamel coated unique oven next to the combustion chamber.
• Oven vent slider that expels food odors through the chimney connection inside the oven.
• Chrome plated oven grill.
• Nickel plated stylish door handles and towel rack
• Top casting painted with fireproof paint
• Slider to evenly heat the oven.
• Long-lasting cast grate in the combustion chamber.
• Decorative patterns painted with fireproof paint.
• Hidden ash pan for easy ash removal
• Enamel coated drawer.
• Energy efficiency class: A
• Stove body colour: matte black




  • Eco Design 2022
  • 2nd level of BlmSchV (Federal Emission Protection Ordinance) fulfilled.
  • CE
  • 15a B-VG
  • Certificato Ambientale
  • DEFRA approved

Read and follow the user manual.
Only use approved fuel-properly dried and split firewood!



User manual




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