Brasta Industrial style shower enclosures

The new shower cabin collection in industrial style.

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The new shower cabin collection Industrial style – it’s like a protest against senseless consumer culture. What is NECESSARY is valued, striving for perfect functionality.

Winning mechanical and technical solutions. Looking back to the 19th century, the beginning of the industrial revolution, whose primary goal was perfect functionality in the manufacture of objects, when metal and long-lasting material, glass, were widely used in the manufacture of products. Priority was given to the quality of the items, the most durable materials were carefully selected to make the products, the best solutions were sought, with an effort to achieve simplicity and durability.

Baltijos Brasta is proud of one of its masterpieces – a collection of industrial-style shower cabins. The Acrobat system was used to realize the product vision.



  • These are carefully thought-out products, depending on the model, the doors can be opened both inwards and outwards, and the door closer allows you to adjust their opening angle.
  • When opening, the door rises up, when closing, it fits against the floor of the bathroom.
  • The metal construction allows you to simply and easily match the shower cabin and walls to the unevenness of the walls and floors.
  • The inner side of the walls is covered with a QUICK DRIP coating, which reduces the contamination of the glasses and makes them easier to clean.


Available different models and measurements.

The price depends on the measurements, ask for a personal quote!


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