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Industrial fan TTV 7000

The Trotec TTV 7000 fan with an airflow speed of up to 8,500 m³ / h on three levels and an impressive 65-meter discharge distance indoors ensures high air exchange even in high-volume environments.


Tens of thousands of machine renters, construction contractors, renovation service providers and craftsmen use Trotec TTV equipment every day and have made these professional fans the best-selling series of mobile axial fans in construction.

This high-performance fan is the first choice for all ventilation tasks in production and storage rooms or on farms where a large amount of air needs to be circulated.

With its three-stage air power, which can be increased up to 8500 m³ / h, and an impressive 65-meter indoor radius, the Trotec TTV 7000 industrial fan ensures high air exchange even in high-volume environments. Perfect prerequisites for additional circulation of dry air in warehouses.

With the help of a suitable hose adapter and several connected fan hoses, the Trotec TTV 7000 fan transmits large volumes of air without difficulty over very long distances.

The high-performance fan is specially designed to meet even the most demanding practical requirements in harsh conditions, with long service life and reliability even in material-changing areas, which is not only suitable for industry, construction or trade, but is also the ideal solution for any machine rental company!


Advantages of the device:

  • Powerful axial fan – built to high industry standards
  • Extremely durable for professional continuous use even in the most difficult conditions
  • TTV platform concept: thanks to flexible system accessories, you only need one basic device for many applications
  • The advantage of the TTV platform: lower investment and maintenance costs, more efficient storage, more flexibility
  • Splashproof (IP55)
  • It can be stacked to save space for transport and storage
  • Suitable hose adapter available: optional mounting allows connection to an air transport hose or dust bag to the TTV 7000 fan, eg for suction of dirt particles.


Features and functions:

  • Mobility
  • Carrying / transport handle
  • Stackable
  • Portable
  • Plastic transport wheels
  • Metal wheels with rubber tires
  • Non-lubricating rubber tires
  • Crane
  • Forklift


Additional information:

Air volume
Max [m³/h] 8500
Air flow
Fan steps 3
Air discharge rate
m/s 11
km/h 39.6
Ejection distance
Out [m] 20
In [m] 65
Air pressure
Max [Pa] 100
Max [°C] 45
Electrical indicators
Power connection 230V/50Hz
Rated current consumption [A] 1.8
Energy consumption [kW] 0,41
Protection [A] 10
Electrical connection
Plug CEE 7/7
Cable length[m] 3
IP safety glass 55
Sound level
Distance 3 m [dB(A)] 58
Hose connection
Diameter [mm] 560
Length [mm] 365
Width [mm] 620
Height (ilma pakendita) [mm] 620
(without packaging) [kg] 18.5


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