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Harvia Vega is a stylish heater that is easy to use for a 3-6m3 sauna.

Original price was: €311.00.Current price is: €260.00. not inc. VAT


Harvia Vega is a stylish heater that is easy to use. The stainless steel exterior of the stove is durable and gives your sauna a modern look. The operating switches of the power pack suitable for a small sauna are placed at the top of the heater, which makes use ergonomic.

Vega is easy to install with one screw on a separate wall bracket. Thanks to the symmetrical shape of the stove, the handiness does not have to be changed, but is chosen. Installation is also facilitated by the electrical connections made from the side of the stove.

Vega’s design allows the heater to be installed particularly low on the sauna wall, so there is enough steam for the lower decks as well, and the heat is distributed more evenly in the sauna, so even those on the lower decks can enjoy the steam up to their toes.


Product information:

  • Product code: 8260804
  • Harvia Vega BC45 4.5 kW steel
  • Power: 4.5 kW
  • Steering method: Mechanical steering
  • Color: steel
  • Dimensions: 480 x 310 x 540 mm
  • Protective distance: 35mm to the sides , 20mm to the front
  • Stones: 20 kg (Ø 5-10 cm, AC3000)




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