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Shower enclosure KATARINA

From shower enclosures collection ACROBAT

Beautiful and modern Scandinavian-style shower enclosure that fits wonderfully into any bathroom.


  • extraordinary flexibility
  • strength
  • agility and balance
  • frameless construction
  • easy to clean



Original price was: €909.00.Current price is: €607.00. not inc. VAT


Easy to mount and use a rectangular shower enclosure. When the enclosure is not used, the doors may be bent to the wall inwards and outwards, thus the bathroom seems more spacious.

  • Exclusivity of collection “Acrobat” – full pivot hinges. Shower doors with this type of hinges can be opened and folded to the wall when more space in the bathroom is necessary.
  • The Hebe-sink mechanism. When doors are rising and sinking down, the bottom of the enclosure is sealed at its best. It is also very comfortable to maintain cleanness.
  • Collection „Acrobat” is reliable and quiet, since the doors have no bearing mechanisms and they are firmly attached to the bathroom’s wall.
  • Entire Collection looks spacious because it is designed frameless and is mounted with esthetic profiles fixed only to the wall.


FAST DROPS is a new technology that protects the glasses of shower enclosures from the impact of water. It provides additional features to the substance: the glass becomes more resistant to scratches and is easy to clean.

The water remains on glass because of the molecular force called surface tension. When the surface is coated by cover Fast drops, the direct contact of water molecules with glass disappears. The drops turn into balls and flow down because they are physically pushed from the surface.




80×80 (775-788)




6mm, clear glass

90×90 (875-888) 1900 6mm, clear glass
100×100 (975-988) 1900 6mm, clear glass
80×80 (775-788) 1900 6mm, clear glass
90×90 (875-888) 1900 6mm, clear glass
100×100 (975-988) 1900 6mm, clear glass


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