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Infrared sauna for four people, white

Infrared sauna for four people.

The infrared sauna is a high-quality cedar sauna where infrared radiation is absorbed directly into the tissues, inducing intense sweating without the discomfort of high temperatures. In an infrared sauna, sweating is almost 3 times more intense than in a regular sauna (the temperature of which is mostly 80-110°C).

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Additional information:

  • Size: 1750 x 1350 x 1900 mm,
  • Power: 2500 W
  • Carbon heaters 7 pcs
  • Tinted heat-resistant safety glasses
  • CD/radio
  • Color therapy
  • Air ionizer
  • Electronic control panel
  • Led lights
  • Not recommended for very humid rooms
  • Colour: white




While hot air is used to transfer heat to the human body in a conventional sauna, infrared radiation directly heats the body’s tissues.
Although the temperature of the infrared sauna is comfortably warm, staying within the range of 35-45°C, its heat effect is deeper and more effective. In addition, the IPsauna has a healing effect on the human body and is used for therapeutic purposes.
Infrared radiation is absorbed directly into the tissues, inducing intense sweating without the discomfort of high temperatures. Sweating in an infrared sauna is almost 3 times more intense compared to a normal sauna (the temperature of which is mostly 80-110°C). Several waste products such as toxins, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol and potentially carcinogenic heavy metals such as zinc, lead, nickel are released through sweating. The pores of the skin are cleansed, the tone, elasticity, texture and complexion of the skin improves.

• The lower temperature level of the infrared sauna is suitable for those who have to be careful with sauna procedures due to cardiovascular diseases.
• An infrared sauna also does not burden or make breathing difficult, because there is no excessive humidity and the high air temperature of a normal sauna.
• The absorbed infrared radiation induces the spread of heat throughout the body and has a calming effect.
• Infrared sauna reduces fatigue and stress.
• In addition, the infrared sauna is more convenient to use, because the warm-up time is short and the operating costs are lower.




The infrared sauna burns kilocalories, contributing to the reduction of fat tissue. The body needs energy to secrete sweat: 0.586 kcal is needed to secrete 1 g of sweat. The journal of the American Medical Association states: “Responsive to elevated temperature with moderate sweating e. a person with average training can lose up to 500g during a 30-minute sauna stay, which corresponds to approximately 300 kcal. A person with a good sweating response, on the other hand, can effortlessly expend an average of 600 – 800 kcal, which is equivalent to running 10 – 15 km. Although the lost weight is regained at the expense of water, the amount of calories expended is not recovered”. An infrared sauna is helpful for those who cannot exercise regularly, but want to control weight and promote health at the same time as physical activity.




The amount of calories consumed by an average person weighing 68 kg in 30 minutes:


  • Sport Kcal expended
  • Rowing 600
  • Long distance running 590
  • Powerful racket game 510
  • Breaststroke 300
  • Tennis (quick game) 265
  • Cycling 225
  • Golf 150
  • Walking 150
  • Infrared sauna 600 – 800



The infrared sauna strengthens the cardiovascular system. Simultaneously with the secretion of sweat, several other changes take place to get rid of excess heat. Heart rate and volume increase, and the heart pumps more blood through dilated blood vessels, thereby achieving the results of exercise.
According to a study conducted by German researchers, peripheral blood supply improved and blood pressure readings decreased in patients with stage I and II hypertension after one hour of infrared sauna.
The infrared sauna cleans the skin, improves the appearance of the skin, stimulates the renewal of skin cells through the improvement of the skin’s blood supply and metabolism. The skin becomes soft, tone and elasticity improve. Clinical studies show faster healing of acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and wounds. Wounds heal faster and scars are smaller, softening of keloids has been observed.
The infrared sauna also accelerates the reduction of cellulite. Infrared radiation relieves pain by dilating peripheral blood vessels. In medicine, infrared lamps have been used for decades to treat muscle and joint problems. Improved circulation ensures the supply of tense muscles with oxygen-rich blood and the removal of waste products of metabolism. As a result, muscle tension, joint stiffness are reduced and the body’s natural recovery processes are activated.
Research by researchers in Japan and the USA confirms the therapeutic effect of infrared radiation in chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system and post-traumatic rehabilitation. After a 45-degree infrared sauna, the stretchability of collagen fibers improves by about 20-30%, which is very important when performing exercise therapy. For athletes, the infrared sauna is an excellent pre-workout warm-up: muscle tension decreases, joint flexibility and range of motion increases. However, after physical exertion, infrared accelerates recovery, correction of oxygen deficiency, improves blood supply, relieves muscle tension and pain.
Infrared radiation has a therapeutic effect on many diseases – e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, chronic neck – and lower back pain, etc. It is also suitable for alleviating problems associated with age changes, e.g. joint stiffness and pain.

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