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Gymba elastic activation board, black

Finnish product for whole body activation, made of natural fiber composite. Active use of the Gymba is equivalent to walking, in terms of muscle activity.

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Gymba is a new and healthier way of working. It is a revolutionary activation board that helps you move while working. You get constant exercise at your workstation and your metabolism and blood circulation are activated. You burn far more calories with Gymba than when you sit or stand still. Your concentration and motivation improve, all while feeling refreshed. Gymba is elastic and is completely manufactured and developed in Finland. Thanks to its elasticity, Gymba enables more versatile movement.

The Gymba activation board is designed to help you stand properly. It is easy to use, just put the board under your feet. The board will help you balance your position and adapt to your weight. Place the Gymba activation board in your standing workstation under your feet and work normally. The board will help you stand properly and not strain your legs or back as much. If possible, stand half of your time working on the Gymba board. Because of Gymba, your pain goes away, your posture improves, deep muscles get automatic movement and the whole body’s state improves. The effects will be noticeable after just a few days of use. This is evidenced by clinical trials and extensive testing.

Gymba massage balls

Gymba comes with massage balls that relieve muscle pain and stiffness in the feet. Gymba massage balls enhance blood circulation and relieve stress and tension. It is recommended in the first couple of times using the massage balls to use them in shorter intervals and gradually increase the use according to how it feels. The massage balls come in two types of hardness since each body responds differently to different densities.




Benefits for the Gymba user:

– lowers the threshold when moving from sedentary to healthier standing work
– active and versatile movement reduces sick leave
– activates the whole body, especially the deep muscles of the back and abdomen
– improves posture, balance and response speed
– stimulates blood circulation and helps with weight management
– prevents musculoskeletal disorders
– activates fat metabolism and thus reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
– increases job satisfaction, helps to concentrate and thus also reduces work-related absences


Product specifications:

  • Width: 46.5 cm
  • Depth: 30.5 cm
  • Height: 5.5 cm
  • Material: natural fiber composite
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Weight limit: endurance test guarantees up to 300 kg
  • 5-year warranty (frame)


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