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Diesel blower IDE 50 D

The Trotec IDE 50 D direct-fired diesel blower with a heating capacity of 50 kW (44,100 kcal) and an air flow rate of 750 m³ / h has a maximum fuel consumption of 4.8 liters of oil per hour. The device is able to supply large amounts of hot air directly where it is needed and is therefore particularly suitable for heating ventilated buildings, factories or warehouses.


Thanks to the durable double-coated material housing, supported by a maneuverable drive structure with cable holders and an installed fuel tank, this diesel blower is ideal for outdoor heating, and the thermostat also allows the unit to be used in fully automatic permanent heating mode.

The Trotec IDE 50 D’s large air outlet ensures maximum warm air increase with 100% efficiency.

To control the temperature, in addition to the built-in thermostat, an external thermostat is available as an accessory, which can measure the temperature at a heated point up to 25 meters from the diesel blower.


Practical advantages of the fan heater:

  • A very economical solution for conventional oil heaters
  • Integrated fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • Electronic flame protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Integrated thermostat
  • Connection for external thermostat
  • Chassis for easier transport


Technical details of the device:

  • Heating type: direct heating
  • Air flow rate: 750 m³ / h
  • Heating power: 50 kW (44,100 kcal)
  • Temperature rise ∆T: 180 ° C
  • Input voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 1.25 A
  • Fuel consumption max: 4.8 l / h
  • Thermostat: integrated
  • Fuel supply: compressor
  • Sound level (distance 1 m): 77 dB (A)
  • Tank capacity: 38 l
  • Length: 860 mm
  • Width: 456 mm
  • Height: 600 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg


Features and functions:
  • Mobility
  • Carrying / transport handles
  • Plastic wheels
  • Metal wheels with rubber tires
  • Non-lubricating solid rubber wheels
  • Fork lift
  • Crane
  • Steel




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