SIP Modular House Siegel 27m²

SIP Modular House Siegel  – Beautiful, nature firendly and cozy

  • SIP panel technology is the most advanced and cost-effective option
  • SIP boards have excellent heat and sound insulation to withstand any natural factors.
  • SIP shields are durable and do not require special maintenance.
  • SIP buildings are manufactured in the factory and assembled on arrival, so construction takes much less time than building a normal house.
  • SIP buildings are safe for people suffering from various allergies, asthma or other respiratory diseases.

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Even small houses can be very spacious and fit not only the function of a garden, but also a residential house all year round. After all, the most important thing is the correct arrangement of the objects in the room and at the same time a well-thought-out solution. And this can be guaranteed by the ”Siegel ”SIP modular house, which at the age of 27 meets the needs of not only one person, but also the family, not only for a short summer vacation, but also for a long stay.


Possibilities of a modular house:

Understand that the Linas SIP modular house is not a garden house with limited facilities, which can only be used during the summer, as it lacks communications, which makes spending time much more enjoyable. ”Siegel” SIP modular house is a full-fledged house, maybe only smaller residential houses than the most often chosen residential ones. In this house you can combine the desired heating systems: from solid fuel to geothermal heating, of course, air cooling equipment, which provides more comfort on hot days, air purification – a suitable recuperation system and the like. All this – in the name of more convenience, which can be enjoyed even in the case when the modular house is built right in the middle of the forest.


For those who save time:

SIP modular house is perfect for those who want to have their dream home as soon as possible. All you have to do is decide if the Siegel  model is right for you and we will arrange to get it to the most suitable place for you as soon as possible by agreeing on deadlines. We will bring the already made parts together, so we will have to put them together, which we also do very quickly, so we will not have to survive not only because of the tedious wait, but there will be no rubbish, no long-lasting sounds that could cause inconvenience to our neighbors. Modular houses are 21st century houses that allow you to live wherever you want.


Nature friendly house:

If you are interested in Siegel SIP modular house, but you are not sure about the details – you can always contact our consultants, who will definitely answer all your questions and at the same time help you understand what and how. It is most often glad that the Siegel SIP modular house is friendly not only to people, but also to nature, and that it is the home of each of us, so we all have to take care of it.



  • Material SIP panels / frame panels
  • Area 32.4 m²
  • Living area 19.5 m²
  • External dimensions 562 cm x 577 cm
  • Number of rooms 2
  • Height 250 cm
  • Roof 224mm SIP panels / beams 195 mm
  • Roofing EPDM roofing
  • Walls 174 mm SIP panels / frame 145 mm
  • Doors 100cm x 210 cm (1 pc.) 80 cm x 210 cm (1 pc.)
  • Windows 95cm x 210 cm (2 pcs.) 190cm x 210 cm (1 pcs.)
  • Warranty 5 years



Price: 19 500-24000 EUR


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